Training “Feedback is coming” in Spain

AMSED is looking for 5 young people between 18 and 30 years old to train in Spain. The objective of this training is to provide young people the means to be heard and to impact  the political decision-making. Date of training: 23 February 2017 to 03 March 2017 Location: Iscar For more information, see the […]

Training “Europe meets Euromed” in Italy

AMSED is looking for 6 young people between 18 and 30 years old for a formation in Italy. The objective of this training is to work on the management and the resolution of the risks of conflicts between people of differents cultures. Date of training: From 28 February 2017 to 8 March 2017 Location: Bisceglie […]

EVS short-term 1 month, Greece, 2017

AMSED is looking for 4 young people between 18 and 30 years old for a European Voluntary Service (EVS) project in Greece. The main objective is the setting up of activities related to the protection of the environment. EVS Dates : 1st mobility from 1 February to 30 March 2017 (2 volunteers) 2nd mobility from […]

Dissemination of the seminar on the inclusion of refugees. Articles of the participants (DE, BG, IT, AU, AR).

Allemagne – Eggert Hardten, association Mostar Friedensprojekt e.V. “Ich weiss nicht so genau, was ich gelernt habe”, meint Jose Moyano. Er ist Architekt und arbeitet als Freiwilliger in einem Flüchtlingslager in Griechenland. Dies ist sein erster ERASMUS+ Trainingkurs. AMSED, eine alteingesessene Straßburger NGO, die sich vor allem die Zusammenarbeit mit den Ländern Nordafrikas auf die Fahnen […]

Call for participants EU Council simulation, Brussels, 25-27th of November 2016

Do you want to better understand how the EU works? Are you looking for a transnational experience? VoteWatch Europe, Global Initiativ’ and l’Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) are organizing a simulation of the European Council that will give you the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process of EU. What is it about? The EU […]

Call for application | VIS France Volontaires

France Volontaires is currently looking for 5 communication’s managers for missions of VIS (Volunteering for International Solidarity) during 2 years, in their Volunteer Positions spaces: in Haiti, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Morocco. The volunteer will be under the responsibility of the national representative and the facilitator of the voluntary space. He will be responsible for […]

Call for project partners “REVEALING COLONIALISM”

Association Migration Solidarité et Echanges pour le Développement (Strasbourg, France), Dinamo – Associação de Dinamização Sócio-Cultural (Sintra, Portugal), and the European Youth Meeting and Education Centre Weimar (Weimar, Germany) are inviting you to become partner in a multi-measured KA1 project titled “REVEALING COLONIALISM”, which will be applied through Erasmus+ within the next deadline (4th of October 2016). About the […]

Network meeting in Strasbourg, May 2016

From the 19th to the 21st on May of 2016, a meeting organized by the AMSED association took place in Strasbourg with the representatives of different associations from Romania (Mirela RUSU, Act Integration), Estonia (Riin LUKS, Youth Center Paide), Greece (Mohamed CHABOUNI, Solidarity Tracks) and Morocco (Lotfi JOUDAR, Espace Solidarité et Développement). The meeting was […]

Upcoming TC, Stockholm Sweden, 11-21 August 2016

Dancers without Borders from Sweden calls for participants from France, Turkey, Sweden, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Palestine and Morocco for a training course entitled “Breaking boundaries through dance: social and professional inclusion of youth”. This training course is going to take place in Stockholm (Sweden) from 11th to 21st of August. It aims to help young […]

E-conference “Violence towards women”…

This E- conference dealt with the topic “Violence towards women: What is the role of youth workers and association?” It was initiated by AMSED in partnership with “Arrimage Good’iles” and hold on the 8th March 2016. The director of the association “Initiative Eco” in Guadeloupe spoke on all kinds of gender based violence and means […]

Upcoming TC, 17-27 July 2016

Our local partner AFJIC (Association des Femmes, de la Jeunesse et des Initiatives Citoyennes) organize a training course called “Listen to what you are listening!” from 17th to 27th of July in Strasbourg. During this training, youngsters and youth workers will have the opportunity to acquire skills (knowledge, attitude, aptitude) that will enable them to create and implement […]

Street animations

The street animations come back in 2016! Songs, dances, Arabic calligraphy, recycling, artistic workshops… Discover the welcome kit of 2015 to get further information! Welcome Kit

EVS in Strasbourg, June-August 2016

AMSED is looking for 1 youngster from Bulgaria and another from Turkey for a European Voluntary Service project which will take place in Strasbourg from 1st June to 31 August 2016. For more information, please contact to or 09 81 91 71 67  

Short term EVS, Morocco, April 2016

AMSED is looking for 10 youngsters aged 18 – 30 for a European Voluntary Service in City of Fes in Morocco from 1st to 30 of April, 2016. For more information, please contact to or 09 8191 71 67

2 months Short term EVS, Greece, 2016

AMSED is looking for 4 youngsters between 18-30 years-old for a European Voluntary Service project. Dates of the mobilities: 1st Mobility: 1st February – 31 March 2016 (2 volunteers) 2nd Mobility: 1st April  – 31 May 2016 (2 volunteers) For more information, please check: FT – SVE ct Grèce or contact to , 09 81 91 […]

Youth and Diversity Meeting

AMSED organized the Meeting of Youth and Diversity from 14th to 21st of November in Strasbourg. During the week, we intervened in different neighborhoods of Strasbourg to present the actions of citizen engagement. A highlight was held on Saturday, November 21, with the following innovative activities and interactive methods: associative village, living library on the fight […]

Network Meeting, Strasbourg, November 2015

The last network meeting of 2015 was held in Strasbourg from 19 to 22 November in the presence of the representatives of member associations from Portugal (Dinamo), United Kingdom (Asha Centre), Croatia (Intercultura), Lithuania (Generations of Europe), Turkey (EGE Youth), Romania (GEYC) and Sweden (Train of Future). A small evaluation was done on common activities […]

Decentralized Cooperation between Strasbourg, Fes, Kairouan and Oran

AMSED organized, in cooperation with the City of Strasbourg, a seminar on European Voluntary Service within the framework of decentralized cooperation between the City of Strasbourg and 3 cities; Fez (Morocco), Kairouan (Tunisia) and Oran (Algeria). The opening of the seminar was held November, 19 in the presence of elected representatives; Rafik Nawel-Elmrini the Deputy […]

World Forum for Democracy

4th edition of the World Forum for Democracy was held in Strasbourg from 16 to 21 November 2015. The theme of 2015 “Freedom vs control: for a democratic response” discussed the relationship between the maintenance and extension of freedom controls in all sorts. In addition to the official program, the events open to the grand […]

Network Meeting, Strasbourg, October 2015

Our partners from Austria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Poland and Spain came to Strasbourg from the 26th to the 28th of October in order to work on future partnerships. We worked on a strategic partnership aiming at developing digital skills of youth and another project proposed by our Austrian partner targeting Europe for Citizens’ call, whose objectives were to promote peace and […]

Network Meeting, Izmir-Turkey, October 2015

A statutory meeting  was organized in Izmir – Turkey from 8th to 11th of October, 2015. This meeting was hosted by our Turkish partner Trex-EVS and partners from Serbia, Cyprus, Belgium and Bulgaria attended. The first day was dedicated to have a meeting at Ege University of İzmir with support of Ege Youth Group, in order […]

Youth Forum for Future

AMSED is going to participate in Youth Forum for Future which takes place on Septembre 23rd in Strasbourg. This forum is organized by different public and private structures working for employment and preventing early school dropouts. The main aim of the forum is to exchange with youngsters looking for a job, training etc. and to […]

Launch of the project

Social Start Ups is a strategic partnership project funded by the Erasmus +  Programme of EU, in collaboration with Italy, France, Coatia and United Kingdom. The goal of the project is to develop, test and validate a learning methodology for adult learners by experimenting the Ethical Purchasing Groups (E.P.G.)) as real laboratories for the acquisition of […]

AMSED On Air !

Last Friday, July 17th, AMSED was on the Radio FIP. Here is the programme talking about intercultural exchanges and international solidarity workcamps organized by AMSED and its partners :

May 9th, Europe Day

Throughout the month of May, the City of Strasbourg organizes various events both cultural, fun and festive as a part of the Europe Fest. On this occasion, AMSED participated to share their interest in European construction. On May 9th, Europe Day, volunteers of the association conducted a parade for Europe in the center of Strasbourg, […]

Upcoming seminar in Lvov, Ukraine

Seminar: “FEMALES: Fighting Exclusion through Migration Awareness Leading Empowerment Skills” The Association of Women, Youth and Citizen Initiatives (AFJIC) from France is organizing a seminar to be held in Lvov (Ukraine) from September, 1st to 9th, 2015. The seminar aims at developping networks and deepening the skills of the association leaders and youth workers on the […]

Upcoming TC in Aubervilliers, France

One of our partners from France is organizing a training course from August 1st to 11th, 2015 in Aubervilliers, France. This training course brings together association leaders and youth workers from France, Turkey, Sweden, Moldova, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The project entitled “Artistic practices and dance to improve education for disadvantaged youth ” aims at strengthening the capacity of […]

Daily information service in AMSED

Daily information service for young people and their small associations from January 1st, 2015 to December 31st, 2015 The objective is to listen, inform and guide the young people and the other actors by encouraging their participation in social and educational activities. This action will help inform the actors concerned about the European programs on non-formal […]

Call for partners, Estonia

NEA from Estonia is looking for partners for a Training Course “Diversity Around Us”which will take place from 13th to 20th of November 2015, in Pärnu, Estonia. For further information, please check CALL FOR PARTNERS_TC Diversity Around Us If you are interested in becoming partner to this project, please contact

Conference with Prof. Edgard WEBER

« Les drames du Moyen-Orient et l’Europe » Conférence-débat avec Edgard WEBER, Professeur d’université et écrivain Jeudi, 16 avril 2015, à 19h30 A l’ERAGE (4, rue Brûlée, à Strasbourg) Edgard WEBER , enfant du canton de Bitche, est professeur émérite d’arabe des Universités de Toulouse et de Strasbourg. Après avoir passé dix années au Liban, […]

Cross-sectoral Partnership: Bridges between formal and non-formal education

The AMSED hosted, March 18, 2015, a group of 40 high school students from Italy. The meeting raised awareness of the young group on citizen engagement, non-formal education learning, international and European mobility. The head of the school and AMSED youth workers also discussed on an cross-sectoral future partnership.            

Photo Rally “Show us your vision about development!”

We have to pleasure to invite all our European partners, their volunteers and network to participate in this online photo rally. Objective: Raise awareness on European Year for Development How: Take pictures showing how your country contributes to the development in the world, your engagement linked to the topic… Photos should express the concept of development in partner […]

TC in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

AMSED is looking for participants for a training course “EUROMA Cafeteria” in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania. This intercultural training will be organized by our partner from 2nd to 5th April, 2015. The main objective of this training course is to train Roma and non–Roma youth workers, youth leaders together to support rural youth on recognition of their Roma cultural values […]

TC in Potsdam, Germany

AMSED is looking for participants for a training course “Do clothes make the man?” in Potsdam, Germany. This intercultural training will be organized by our partner from February 27th March to 5th April, 2015. The main objective of this training course is to fight against the prejudices through interactive methods of non-formal education such as creation of […]

Anni’s volunteering in Strasbourg

The first time I got to know about AMSED in September 2014, when they were looking for participants for training course „Inclusive growth and employability of young people with fewer opportunities“. I decided to apply, I participated this training course and I’m very happy I had this opportunity. People from AMSED are very nice and […]

Structured Dialogue

French youngsters discuss and exchange with the candidates and eurodeputies on youth problems just before the European elections. Here is the video of the debate:

TC: Inclusive growth and employability

The training course “Inclusive growth and employability of young people with fewer opportunities” within the framwork of European Erasmus+ Programme was organized in Strasbourg, from October 1st to 11, 2014, with 12 European partner countries (France, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Estonia, Croatia, Norway and United Kingdom) in order to reinforce youth workers’ […]

TC: Participation and inclusion of disadvantaged young

The training course entitled “Participation and inclusion of disadvantaged young” which took place in Strasbourg from June 21st through July 1st 2014, gathered  youth and youth workers from eight different countries in Europe, North Africa and the Caucasus – France, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia, Morocco and Algeria. The overall aim of the training course was to train and empower […]

Forum on Youth Participation

Forum of good practices on youth participation and e-participation was organized in Strasbourg from 3 to 11 May 2014 with eight partner organizations from France, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan. The forum aimed at opening new horizons for young participants and their associations to other practices by discovering and analyzing new tools for […]

Ninna’s volunteering in Strasbourg

Ninna from Sweden shares about her voluntary work and days in Strasbourg… On my first day upon arrival I was asked if I knew how to make a blog. “No”, I said, “but I can try”. I let that be the guiding star of my volunteering, which proved to be a good strategy. I have […]

Digital Battle

AMSED together with Dancers without Borders (Sweden) arranges a streetdance battle online between France and Sweden. For two hours, excellent dancers in hip hop, breaking and dancehall, will perform their best moves and at the same time exchange their experience and ideas. Everything is filmed with webcams, screened with projectors and broadcasted online (YouTube link […]

Youth Exchange in Salento, Italy

AMSED is looking for participants for a youth exchange “Unlock your creativity – Be an entrepreneuer” in Salento, Italy. This intercultural youth exchange will be organized by our Italian partner from April 13th to April 21st, 2015. The youth exchange project aims to share creative and entrepreneurial experiences with young people from different nationalities, discuss and […]

TC in Prato, Italy

AMSED is looking for participants for a training course “Equal chance for all – a chance for better future” in Prato, Italy. This intercultural training will be organized by our Italian partner from February 8th to February 15th, 2015. This training aims to increase the skills and the background of the youth workers, whom can offer […]

Call for Partners: EVS Project

One of our network partners from Turkey (TREX-EVS) is planning to apply for an EVS project called “WindJammer” and looking for partners from programme countries. If you are interested in becoming partner to this project, please feel free to get in contact with Ayse Kavas by! windjammer

Solidarity Weekend in June

One weekend of initations to the intercultural exchanges from June 6th til June 7th 2015 This weekend is for all young people, specially for those having less opportunities. Main idea of this weekend is to sensitize young people with the challenge of comprehension, cultural diversity and the trainings related to the international solidarity work camps […]

Open doors in May

Open doors dedicated to Europe, in the presence of European deputies, from May 9th to May 16th, 2015 The open doors will be the opportunity to reinterrogate the direction of the European project and help to have a place for disadvantaged youth in the strategy of the European Union 2020. For you this event will […]

E-conference in April

E-conference on expectations and the role of the young people in the European year of sustainable development, on April 14th, 2015 from 18:30 to 20:30 This conference will help to create the dialogue between the young people, elected officials and decision makers on the European policies of solidarity in association in the definition of it’s […]

8 Webinars on Communication

Webinar on the management of online communication of associations and the modernization of project management AMSED will organize 8 Webinars (online seminars), each Webinar is a half-day activity. The objective is to give the young people and their associations digital competences of E-communication and instantaneous conferences to improve the communication between the members and the […]

Linguistic workshops

Initiation and linguistic unlocking workshops for youth leaders and participants in their first European mobility experience These workshops aim to promote equal opportunities and inclusion of disadvantaged youth by providing them with essential language support to facilitate their first involvement of European mobility projects, enabling inclusive growth. The main aim is raising the English level […]

Library Resources Centre

Library resources centre on youth projects, an access open and cost-free A free documentation is provided and put at disposal for young people and youth workers. It is appropriate to non-formal education (T-kits, booklets…). The objective is to provide necessary documentation to the young people and member associations by facilitating their good initiatives in link […]

Neighborhood partnership meetings

Neighborhood partnership meetings already started and continue throughout the year 2015 ! The aim is to create spaces facilitating the expression of the aspirations and the project ideas  of young people and their structures. The objective is not only to promote the equal opportunity and the inclusion of the disadvantaged young people looking for a […]

TC in Potsdam, Germany

AMSED is looking for participants for a training course “Do clothes make the man?” in Potsdam, Germany. This intercultural training will be organized by our German partner from March 27th to April 5th, 2015. The training will focus on the fight against discrimination through theater costume designing. Please feel free to contact Lavinia Ruscigni for further information: […]

Network Meeting, 2-5 November 2014

Members and the partners involved in network actions met in Strasbourg to assess the achievements of the network regarding the actions and their impact on young people’s employability, as well as the relevance of activities with the needs of the labor market. The partners also worked on future partnerships and projects reinforcing the capacities of youth […]

Special edition of the AMSED Network newsletter

AMSED recently published a special edition of its newsletter that discusses the results of the training course entitled “Inclusive Growth and Employability for Young People with Fewer Opportunities” that took place in October 2014. Check out the PDF below to learn more.  Newsletter -TC Employability JAMO      

“SMARTER” training course in Bucharest in August 2014

Organized by Group of the European Youth for Change (GEYC) in collaboration with 14 European partner organizations, this training course brought together youth in order to reinforce their employment prospects by using new ICT tools. To learn more about this project, don’t hesitate to visit the GEYC website.   Photo courtesy of  GEYC.

“Meeting of Youth and Diversity”, 17 – 22 November 2014, Strasbourg

This meeting will gather youth and several organizations from different districts of Strasbourg, to share new opportunities and experiences on youth mobility.  The meeting aims to create a space for the valorisation of youth initiatives and for the creative, young talents from Strasbourg and beyond, to express artistically. One of the highlights of this week […]

AMSED Network Meeting, 2-5 November 2014, Strasbourg

AMSED is organizing a meeting to explore new perspectives for our network cooperation and to define a common action plan in the youth sector. If you would like to represent your organization and develop new partnerships, contact AMSED at    

Webinar on how to write a Europass CV, October 31st 2014 at 15:30 (French time)

AMSED will organize a second webinar – a sort of on-line seminar – on how to write a Europass CV. The webinar is open to everyone; in order to participate, all you need is a computer or tablet with a stable internet connection, headphones or speakers and a microphone. To register, please click here:   […]

Solidarity Camp Fez, Morocco

The workcamp is part of a project of international solidarity that emphasizes cooperation between two associative structures. The construction took place in Fez, in the Awladi center, and involved a group of young Moroccan leaders and a group of young people from southern France. This workcamp was a part of the 1-month European Voluntary Service which helped […]

Upcoming event: a webinar on how to write a Europass CV, on 23 October

On 23 October at 11:15 (French time, GMT+1) AMSED will organize a webinar – a sort of on-line seminar – on how to write a Europass CV, a tool developed by the European Commission and that allows you to present your competencies and experiences in a clear and simple way. The webinar is open to everyone; […]

Project on Peace Education

2 year-old partnership between the associations from France (AMSED), Germany (EIF), the United Kingdom (ASHA Centre), the Netherlands (UNOY Peacebuilders), Spain (Fundació Catalunya Voluntària) and Turkey (Habitat) on peace education was completed with great success beyond the partner countries. The main objective of the project was to develop a coherent transnational approach to peace education as […]

Auto-financing of youth projects

Young people came together to develop their attitudes, aptitudes and knowledge on intercultural projects with a European dimension. They worked, during two days, on the different ideas of auto-financing for their youth project. They were informed about the priorities and functioning of the Erasmus Programme + and the EU 2020 Strategy, as well as various local, regional and national […]