the 3rd conferences on development and international solidarity in the Grand Est

On Saturday October 19th 2019, the 3rd meeting of development and international solidarity in the Grand Est took place in Strasbourg, at the headquarters of the Regional Council.

During this meeting, we were able to witness interventions of a high quality.
Mr Hervé Berville, Deputy of the Côtes d’Armor, presented to the assembly the new proposals for the French policy on international cooperation and solidarity. Eager to be in line with the vision and realities of civil society, the rapporteur of the law text at the National Assembly encouraged the project leaders present to give their views on these proposals for orientation. Thus, communities, associations, public authorities, partners and experts from the Far East have been able to contribute, thanks to their expertise, to the enrichment of this report.

This conference was intended to be a time of sharing between the Grand Est Region and all project leaders, including the associations of the Region involved in development and international solidarity actions.

In the afternoon, AMSED held a stand alongside other institutional and associative actors.
This event was an opportunity to meet project leaders from all over the Grand Est region (Metz, Nancy). A way of extending the association’s actions to a wider territory than the City and Eurometropole of Strasbourg.