Passion Sport: a tour of the Quartiers at Parc de la Bergerie

In the Parc de la Bergerie, children were able to enjoy, under the sun, the many intercultural activities led by EVS and the civic services offered by AMSED.

These activities were held in partnership with the City of Strasbourg, for the Passion Sport project. The facilitators came from different countries: Ukraine, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland, Germany and France.

Young children or creative and manual teenagers could get henna tattoos, paint, paint, paint multicoloured mosaic paintings, make imaginary animals of all shapes and sizes out of plasticine or have their faces made up as their favourite superheroes! Artistic workshops such as calligraphy and songs from all over the world also have much more for children.

For the most patient and sporty, wooden games and team sports games were offered, as well as an introduction to Ukrainian dance.