Urban Stroll

An urban stroll was organised by the AMSED on Saturday 13 October 2018, the theme of which was “the emblematic places of the fight against slavery”. So we had the opportunity to stroll in Strasbourg with a dozen people, and to go visit some places Strasbourg:
• The Place of the Republic
• Avenue Victor Schœlcher
• The Vodou Museum
• The Council of Europe
• The European Court of Human Rights
• The place of Europe

In order to test the knowledge of the participants on the question of slavery, a quiz was made at the meeting place, the place of the Republic.
The Vodou Museum was presented and Olga, a volunteer from the AMSED, recited the poetry “The Slave” by Théophile Gautier.
We stopped before the Council of Europe, so the participants had to reconstruct quotes related to the slavery, as for example: “Habit is the only slavery that we end up making a friendship” (quote from Victor Cherbuliez).
The places were presented one by one, it was a beautiful sunny and rewarding afternoon!