La Caravane Art’Découv en musique

In August, EVS who came to Strasbourg to do artistic and cultural workshops had the chance to participate in the Art’Découv Caravan, created by the Espace Jalmik association.

The tour of the Kamishibike districts was carried out with the help of a caravan offering children to discover instruments from all over the world and various ways of playing, with a pedagogy based on the sensitivity of the children. The Art Découv caravan allowed children to share music workshops and stories in their mother tongues.

During this tour, various intercultural activities were therefore proposed to children in the priority districts, a sharing project, developing intercultural dialogue and solidarity. Children could of course enjoy the various activities free of charge. The workshops were accessible to all audiences, open and close together, reminiscent of the atmosphere of a village.

Workshops for percussion making, initiation to different musical instruments, storytelling and sewing initiation that have much more for children of all ages!