The “Atout Voir” card: making culture accessible to all

The “Atout voir” Card has existed since 1994 and has been managed by the city and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg since 2009. This system is made for young people to obtain preferential rates on a large number of shows, concerts, cinema tickets and also free of charge museums. It is aimed at young people between 11 […]

Few articles of dissemination of results for the Seminar on Circular Economy and Employability of disadvantaged Youth

Article in Bulgarian by Bozhidara Stoyanova, Kristian Mihaylov, Martin Ranchev: В началото на юли Euro- training – гр. Стара Загора изпрати ас. Мартин Ранчев и студентите Божидара Стоянова и Кристиян Михайлов на десетдневно международно обучение в Страсбург, Франция. Темата на на тренинга беше „Economie circulaire et employabilité des jeunes défavorisés“()- “ ”, организиран от френската […]

Good practices on inclusion of refugees and migrants

These fact sheets present 12 good practices from 9 countries related to the socio-educational and professional inclusion of migrants and refugees. Good Practice AUSTRIA Good Practice BULGARIA 1 Good Practice BULGARIA 2 Bonne Pratique ESPAGNE Bonne Pratique FRANCE Good Practice HUNGARY 1 Good Practice HUNGARY 2 Good Practice ITALY Rosà Venezia Good Practice ITALY Napoli […]

E-booklet of good practices of Franco-German cooperation in the form of citizen e-journalism “Les jeunes webtrotters transfrontaliers”

The Franco-German project “Les Jeunes Webtrotters transfrontaliers” is a project carried out in 2017/2018 by the AMSED, the Kehl Professional School and other Franco-German partners. It aimed at reaching young people between the ages of 16 and 30, interested in the media through various workshops and outings that were organized in mixed groups made up […]

Vera, the heart of entrepreneur

A student in Master 1, Vera is interested in her memory for young foreigners who are involved in development projects and international volunteering. In an abyss, let us observe the observer and we are interested in this young woman of 26 years of Ghanaian origin, herself fully engaged in local and international life. Vera studied […]

Elena, a scientist changing lanes

Elena, originally from Kosovo, freshly aged 25, being younger she was predestined for a scientific career, especially after 5 years in biology in the Jura. Arrived in Strasbourg, BAFA in her pocket, she will first practice a few months in Germany, back in France she will work 3 years as a facilitator in elementary school […]

Maeva, the ambitious

The heroine of this success story comes from a charming little village near Sélestat, in Alsace. At the height of her 22 years, she is about to return with us on the elements that have made her the person she is today, and how she sees her future in this moment. Maeva, or “Mae” for […]

Anthony, the walkman of the forest

Anthony’s biography Anthony is French, he is in CAP Cuisine, and has participated in projects as a volunteer in Tunisia. At just 18 years old, young but full of ambitions, it is a friend who trained him in this project for his first EVS. Anthony the Strasbourgeois has experienced upheaval in his life, but has […]

Digital storytelling: Paola, the one who dared to go the distance! 

Paola is already part of volunteering and wants to continue on its launch! Paola is a 23 year old girl from Lyon, after her bachelor’s degree she decides to pursue social studies in Strasbourg. Went to India in 2015, on a humanitarian mission with the association tomorrow foundation where she worked for 3 weeks, with […]


Read all about the recent activities of AMSED and our partner for the project MIGREMPOWER in our 3rd newsletter! Feel free to read and share as many times as you’d like

Educational toolkit in the form of a socio-educational and professional step-by-step program for inclusion of migrants and refugees

AMSED, in partnership with 13 NGOs from Europe and Maghreb, organized the seminar “Acting together for the social and professional inclusion of migrants and refugees” on exchanging and sharing of good practices from 13th to 21st of July 2018, in Strasbourg, France. The seminar brought together 48 young people, community leaders, social workers, teachers and […]

Testimony : My EVS in Strasbourg

I would like to begin by explaining the purpose of this report in its form and content. At the end of my European Voluntary Service, my host association asks me to write a final report on my experience. I took this opportunity to make a personal assessment of my one-month stay in Strasbourg and put […]

The innovative tool case

We collectively capitalized the learning outcomes, put the activities into perspective by involving young people, members and network partners and structure the tangible and intangible results of the network resulting from the 3 years of cooperation, during the seminar in Greece followed by the first meeting. capitalization through reflection (public, objectives, methods, themes, manuals) with […]

Methodological Reference of E-Communication tools for Youth work

These technical pages were created by AMSED Network as part of a 3-year project between 2015-2017. They represent the most useful E-communication tools in youth work of other member associations of the network. BLOG Citizen-journalism COURSERA Dropbox Google-alerts Google-drive GoogleMyBusiness MOODLE NEWSLETTER PODCAST PowerPoint PREZI QUIZLET SLIDESHARE STORIFY TUMBLR Tutoriel Bibliothèque vivante WEBINAR  

About Me

Describe yourself in one page, adapt your design, and find work! Here is our presentation: About Me

Europass CV

A document that shows the advantages of Europass CV and how to write one! Europass_CV

How to apply online

Today’s tutorial will deal with the procedures to follow in order to apply speculatively online to an offer you are interested in. A large quantity of websites exist, offering you hob offers, therefore we are going to center on 3 big job platforms. Pôle Emploi Monster Indeed It relates to job boards, websites displaying regularly […]

How to search a job on the internet

I. Introduction to internet searches The development of internet and its banalization within households have fundamentaly changed the job search methods Before the creation of internet, people needed to move physically, to carefully review newspapers, and directly propose their application to potential employers. Simply put, a procedure where you they had to look for the […]

Writing of a cover letter workshop

I. Brainstorming on the content of the cover letter a) The thinking With the participants i twill matter to find information about them and sencibilise them about the importance to talk only about the experiences related to the job. We will also talk about mistakes not to do. Contact information (phone number, adress, email adress, […]

Mailbox creation workshop

I. What is a mailbox ? The mailbox is a messaging service offered by the internet. It allows you to create a virtual space that belongs to you and to receive messages. The email address has a very important place nowadays, especially for the job search. There are several names designating mailbox, such as : Online […]

Osama, the convinced

Ossama is an Italian-Moroccan, he studies in Strasbourg and has participated in projects as a volunteer in Tunisia, Germany, or in Italy. And this 21 year old does not intend to stop on such a good road. Ossama, originally from Morocco, came to live in Strasbourg in 2013. In 4 years, this student in L3 […]

E-booklet of good practices: youth participation in public life

This e-booklet was created following the Euro-Maghreb Forum on Citizenship and Participative Democracy, organized from 14 to 18 October 2016 in Kairouan, Tunisia, in partnership with the Mediation Memory of the Medina (Kairouan) and Youth and Development ( Remada). During this Forum, sessions of sharing good practices in the field of participatory democracy in France […]

Alexander, the European heart

Alexander, 25, is a German. He has Slovak roots, a strong love for Sweden, lived in Spain and is currently doing an internship in France, in Strasbourg.   For this first “narrative of life”, we were looking for a young European who would have had a university exchange, an internship abroad or would have gone […]

Open Space of Good Practices : explanations and example

The Open Space of good practices is an activity that enables knowledge sharing and that makes the participants of a project active in their learning process. AMSED set up this activity during the seminar “Let’s change our behaviour, not the climate!” that the association organised in Strasbourg from the 12th to the 21st of September […]

Success Stories

A success story highlights the successful project of somebody, linked to the global topic (in this case it was mobility and the Erasmus+ program) in order to inspire others. These success stories were made in the frame of the Erasmus+ program to promote mobility and inspire youth, showing you different paths in this domain. You […]

Dissemination of the seminar on the inclusion of refugees. Articles of the participants (DE, BG, IT, AU, AR).

Allemagne – Eggert Hardten, association Mostar Friedensprojekt e.V. “Ich weiss nicht so genau, was ich gelernt habe”, meint Jose Moyano. Er ist Architekt und arbeitet als Freiwilliger in einem Flüchtlingslager in Griechenland. Dies ist sein erster ERASMUS+ Trainingkurs. AMSED, eine alteingesessene Straßburger NGO, die sich vor allem die Zusammenarbeit mit den Ländern Nordafrikas auf die Fahnen […]

Living Library

Organize a living library ! Tutoriel Bibliothèque Vivante ENG


Listen to the story of Fatih!  


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Plan in time the various steps of your project with this software!

Another useful tool for video conversations (up to 8 people for free). Discover it below!


Because it is always better to have the choice, this is the tutorial about Hipchat, another software for group and private conversations!  

Discover Google tools!

Receive directly on your email address the latest news about your favourite topics! Here is the tutorial: Google alerts An online application of Google to easily create beautiful and useful survey! Here is the tutorial: Google Form The window of your organisation on Google: address, pictures, opentime… Here is the tutorial: GoogleMyBusiness Discover the various possibilities offered by Google Drive, the […]

Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

You have professional experience but no academic certificate in a field? In France, they can be officially recognized thanks to the Validation of Acquired Experience. Discover how it works! Here is the introduction: VAE


The German website to enhance your skills, follow our introduction: ProfilPASS

Skills Recognition Tools

Which are the tools that help you to enhance your skills? Discover them in our introduction: Skills Recognition Tools


Mini-CVS: easy to do, easy to spread! Here is the introduction: Mini-CV


You need a digital portfolio? Check our introduction about C-STICK!

Skills assessment

What? How? Why? What fort? Discover everything you have to know about SKILLS ASSESSMENT!

Vizualize Me

Bring about a revolution in your written CV with this graphic version of your experience ! Here is the introduction: Vizualize Me

Youth Work Portfolio

The tool of the Council of Europe to enhance your skills and experience in youth work! Here is the introduction: Portfolio euroopéen de compétences


THE professional network online ! Here is the introduction: LinkedIn

Digital jobs

What are the various jobs on the digital market? Discover them in this document! Digital jobs

Find an internship abroad

It is not always easy to land an internship abroad. You don’t speak the language, know the custom and actually know where to start on the Web… Don’t panic: Here is the guide you need to hunt your internship! Find an internship abroad

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