2019 Training Weekend

The training weekend was held on Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, August 28 at the AMSED premises. Its aim was to prepare young people for their departure before the solidarity and European Voluntary Service projects.

The aim was to familiarize them with the notions of “construction site”, “Southern countries”, to make them aware of the contextual and cultural differences they will face, to raise awareness of the possible health and safety risks on the ground. compare them with testimonials from former volunteers so that they learn about previous experiences and strengthen the links between participants for the site.

Different activities have been put in place :

– The participants were invited to note on a piece of paper their feelings before the building site, apprehension was present, but the joy of arriving in another country, to help people in need and to know a new culture exceed all feelings.

– The trainer presented in the form of a PowerPoint the different activities or phenomena that volunteers could experience during the project. Even if it is organized in advance, the site requires psychological preparation from the volunteers.

– Former volunteers shared their experiences and give advice on various important topics: housing, food, activities on the spot, outings, exchanges with the inhabitants …

– The trainer presented the approach of psychologist Marshall Rosenberg. His approach is based on the belief that relationships of power between human beings do not have places of beings. Different situations have been staged to show how life on the construction site can be and how to react.

– The trainer talked about practical health and safety tips.

– The volunteers were invited to form groups of 6 and to reflect around what is a Southern Country.

– The objective was then to explain to the other participants how they understood it; in different possible forms: drawings, songs, plays, ect. What stands out most is: mutual aid, poverty, generosity, diversity …

It was a very pleasant moment of sharing, both for the volunteers and for the members of AMSED. They are now ready to live this magical experience!