This week in Romania 26 participants from 11 European countries were welcomed by the A.C.T.O.R. association to address the issue of E-learning, a training technique based on the provision of educational content via an electronic medium.

This training is divided into 3 major meetings each developing an important step in the design of online training for EVS. The first part took place in Lefkada, Greece, where participants learned how to create different online training sessions, each developing the 8 key skills of young European volunteers, thus introducing them more to the professional world. The second part continued in Strasbourg with new participants and objectives, in fact the aim was to create evaluation tools for online training and the design tools to validate the skills acquired by the participants of previous sessions.

Finally, the attendees had this final meeting in Romania to acquire additional skills to become “E-Tutors” for young European volunteers benefiting from the online training sessions via the Moodle platform.

The aim of this seminar was to enable Voluntary Service actors to acquire skills and attitudes that will enable them to train and resource themselves in order to develop their skills and talents, as well as modernise their working methods, with the aim of optimising the quality of the support they provide to volunteers and further improving the quality of their volunteer projects. To be more specific, participants:

  • improved and furthered their understanding of the previous online sessions
  • learned how to create new online training courses and back-up the ones that are already created
  • developed skills to be efficient future E-mentors for EVS volunteers and maintain the platform

All these skills were transmitted with interactive methods, through non-formal training tools, i.e. all activities will directly involve the participants using energisers, inter-knowledge activities, and informal exchanges, with this type of learning each participant brought their own experience.

This third and final session in Romania welcomed back mainly participants who had participated in the trainings in Greece or France, so that they could already have knowledge of the project and the courses on the platform since this part of the project focused on bettering the work done in the previous sessions in Greece and France, along with the clarification of the responsabilities of an “E-mentor.”

The courses created by the participants will be accessible on Moodle, a copyright-free platform that allows everyone to access and modify the content, so everyone brings their knowledge which allows the platform to offer good content always updated.

At the end of each training, the volunteers were evaluated and received a certificate containing all the acquired skills, which will be very useful not only in their personal but also in their professional life.

A graphic magazine presenting each stage of the training, the working methods used and the expected results was created: https://www.calameo.com/read/0057485568d0ce31c1bb1 . Participants acquired different skills on the principle of moodle and e-learning. The participants during this training created a tutor manual of online training for young volunteers: https://www.calameo.com/read/005748556065143c40439.