The circular economy, an answer to everything

In July 2019, participants from all over Europe gathered in Strasbourg for a seminar organised by the AMSDED, to discuss a topical issue: the circular economy and the employability of disadvantaged young people.

This exchange time made it possible to exchange good practices and to create and design innovative, modern tools that take into account the social, ecological and economic challenges of today’s society.

The circular economy is? it is the mode where use replaces consumption, disrupting “traditional” jobs, with the mobilization of young people, creating and adapting new jobs, by innovating and designing work organization in a different way or by imagining a product taking into account its environmental impact. While combating programmed obsolescence, the circular economy mode involves repair, recycling, reuse and reuse.

This seminar took the form of several activities: conferences, open-space, educational activities such as quizzes, group activities to create projects, local visits to associations in Strasbourg…

A busy seminar, with a warm group cohesion and moments of cultural sharing.

The objectives of this training have been largely achieved! The participants left with the skills and emotional moments:

  • Acquisition of the concepts of sustainable development and circular economy, global warming and many other environmental topics!
  • Understanding the contexts and needs of youth workers in the circular economy and its sustainable development issues that generate jobs and experiences for young people JAMO
  • Sharing and exchange of experiences, solutions and good practices related to the circular economy facilitating and improving the socio-educational and professional inclusion of disadvantaged young people
  • Acquisition of skills in youth support and tools to promote employability
  • Multiplication of synergies between different actors (young people, civil society, local authorities, elected officials, decision-makers, companies, media) to identify employment potential in the circular economy
  • Creation of tangible tools with a multiplier effect for youth workers to facilitate an innovative and creative ecological transition including young people on the labour market