Youth and Diversity Meetings 2019

This year, as part of the Solidarity Festival, AMSED organized its annual event; the Youth and Diversity Meetings. The event, which is an opportunity to highlight cultural richness and sharing among young people, took place on Saturday November 30, 2019.

The aim of this 2019 edition was to promote young international volunteers who went in Morocco, India, Vietnam, Tunisia and Nepal through their testimonies but also to inspire future volunteers. The objective of this evening was to create a space to promote the commitment and initiatives of young people, in the form of a friendly and festive meeting.

During this evening, the experience of former volunteers was highlighted through the screening of films of young volunteers but also through the testimonies of some. Information on new international mobilities and volunteering was also provided.
Finally, participants were able to take advantage of some activities offered by AMSED members such as henna tattoos or portrait workshops. It is in a festive atmosphere and in particular thanks to a Berber concert and the mulled wine offered, that the participants were able to enjoy this evening dedicated to sharing.