News Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau

News on the territory of the Eurodistrict Strasbourg-Ortenau which will certainly interest you: ʘ Grand Est classified as a “risk zone” by the German authorities, what are the consequences? The crisis unit of the Federal Republic of Germany has declared the Greater East Region as a “risk zone”, with effect from this evening, Friday 16 […]

September Newsletter

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Urban walk: Discovery of places symbolizing Europe and sustainable development

The AMSED team organized a dozen of Urban Walks from June to October 2020 with the refugees and their families as part of the Discovery of places symbolizing Europe and sustainable development for a journey that starts from the Republic Square and ends at the Orangery Park. The Urban Walks started at Place de la […]

Le Village des associations fait sa rentrée 2020/2021

It’s back to school time for the associations of Strasbourg!  Once again this year, AMSED was present at the Village des Associations on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September at the Citadelle Park.  Organized since 1994 by the Maison des associations de Strasbourg with the support of the City, the start of the new school […]

Newsletter August 2020

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E-workshops: Intercultural Dialogue Across Borders

The project “Intercultural dialogue beyond borders” in the framework of the International Solidarity Initiative (ISI) program aims to enable young volunteers to explore the world differently given the closing of borders this summer and the postponement of the 2020 workcamps, by becoming actors of a collective solidarity project allowing them to meet, exchange, maintain links […]

Call for candidates: Volunteer internship in Tunisia

Within the framework of the project #El_Mawrouth which highlights the traditional and cultural heritage of Tunisia. The partner association AVEC will welcome TWO FRENCH VOLUNTEERS for a period of 2 MONTHS (October-November 2020) in Nabeul in Tunisia to manage the digital platform and social networks of the association AVEC. We are looking for volunteers who […]

Activities resume at the Lieu d’Europe!

Dear friends of the Place of Europe, After a thwarted spring, summer is finally here! And it brings with it beautiful events which, if they will take place in the respect of the barrier gestures, will be no less festive and convivial and will take place for the most part in the open air. Exhibitions, […]

June Newsletter

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2020 European Month

The month of May was very different on the networks, it was a month where we celebrated Europe, through various cultural, interactive and educational activities. The COVID episode forced us in the immediate term to think differently about our methods and means of communication, by strengthening our remote exchanges, opening the way to new forms […]

European Month : the newsletter

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You from Europe: The Covid 19 crisis through the eyes of European youth

Since 2017, the project You From Europe, produced a 52-minute documentary and a web-documentary, shedding light on what young EU citizens (18-35 years old) think about the EU and how they see its future.  Two women from Brittany, a journalist and a saleswoman, carried the project to 23 EU countries and we interviewed more than […]

The Francophonie youth consultation platform – FIO

The International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF) is launching the consultation “Francophonie of the future” to survey young Francophones aged 15 to 35 on the themes “being Francophone” and “building together in the Francophone space”. It takes place from 13 May to 17 July 2020 on the platform It is also possible to organize […]

Network 2020 Newsletter

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As the European Youth Event (#EYE2020) is postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the European Parliament presents a special online edition of the event, with different activities organised in digital formats.   EYE Online offers young people from all over the European Union and beyond a unique opportunity to virtually meet and inspire each other, […]

Online Network Meeting

This first meeting of the 2020 network was held in the particular context of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe and worldwide. The various measures taken by our governments and the current health situation do not allow any Europeans and partners to move from one country to another. We wanted to launch this first meeting despite […]

Covid-19: E-permanencies for Public Writers and Online Digital Learning Workshops

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic and containment, AMSED is adapting the support and training activities of its Maison Digitale and is starting this week e-permanencies for Public Writers and online digital learning workshops for job seekers, newcomers or refugees. The public writer accompanies beneficiaries in administrative or dematerialized procedures, access to rights and […]

Newsletter April 2020

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Covid-19: Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis launch a multilingual and inclusive information campaign

The City of Paris and the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis, in partnership with the Vers Paris sans sida association, are launching targeted communication to people who have the least contact with official information channels: more vulnerable people and non-French speaking audiences.   More speacifically, several audiences are being targeted: those who are not native French speakers, […]

Coronavirus: prevention tools for healthcare professionals and the general public

Posters, video and audio pieces in several different languages can be found on the  Santé publique France website. There is also plenty of access to tools to prevent virus transmission. For example, the poster in English below is intended for the general public to illustrate the gestures to adopt to protect themselves and others from […]

Tools to assist foreigners who don’t speak French

An assistance tool was created for the reception of non-French speaking foreigners. Beyond facilitating the first exchanges, the tool also gives some information relating to the health crisis. For example, there are things like coronavirus posters, instructions for rules and guidelines, etc. This information is translated into many different languages to reach as many people […]

COVID-19: Certificates of Travel in Foreign Languages and Pictograms

In order for people to leave their residences and be outdoors, it is necessary that all people fill out this certificate. These certificates should only be used to go to work when teleworking is not possible, to make essential purchases, to go to a health professional or for any other authorized reason. For any of […]

Online language learning courses

In the framework of the AIR (Ambassadors for Refugee Inclusion) project, AMSED is pleased to announce the launch of online language learning courses from 30 March 2020. Since November 2019, AMSED has set up French and English workshops for refugees and new arrivals to promote their language learning, their integration and their socio-professional and cultural […]

COVID-19 – AMSED Manufactures Protective Masks for Social Workers

AMSED has started to manufacture protective masks for social workers, home care workers or anyone in need as a rescue solution. Indeed, in the context of the deteriorated situation and to alleviate the shortage of care masks (surgical masks), the AMSED team, with the technical assistance of a stylist member of the association Mr. Farid […]

Newsletter March 2020

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COVID-19 Instructions to adopt

You will find below links to sites translated into several languages, for people who do not speak French, concerning the instructions to adopt in relation to this health crisis. My daily life in containment (COVID19) Move if necessary (COVID19)


Lead partners, as well as members of the Anna Lindh Foundation (FAL) national networks, are invited to apply to the Call for Proposals 2020. Please note that applicants to this Call for Proposals must be members of one of the FAL national networks and that the membership must have been made no later than 1 […]

Citizen and multimedia workshops for future European volunteers

Several workshops took place at AMSED in January 2020 in order to help volunteers prepare for their 1 month trip to Morocco lasting from March 21 to April 21 2020. The main goals of the program are to mobilize, motivate, and strengthen the skills of the volunteers. In addition, creating a sense of community and […]

IEUME – Access to training is still a problem for migrants

In a study (small scale survey and series of roundtables) conducted in 5 European countries (Portugal, France, Austria, Malta and Cyprus), most participants (61.5%) stated that they had never received training as migrants in their host country. The lack of time, especially due to the urgency of working to ensure their economic stability, was one […]

Game On P.L.A.Y.

In March 2020, AMSED hosted a kickoff meeting for the Game On P.L.A.Y. – Participate, Learn, & Activate the Youth project. The meeting brought together one person of every partner organization who is charged with the project. It lasted 2 days, in which the following activities took place: Getting to know each other and each […]

Network Advice – Covid-19

REMINDER: we are in a context of sanitary crisis. We all have the collective responsibility to follow the rules and stay at home. If you don’t, you are putting yourself & others are risk, and you are preventing the fight against the virus. PLEASE only go out if it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary.   Due to coronavirus, […]

Newsletter February 2020

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Youth Visioning: Become citizen changemakers!

The Youth Visioning project aims to encourage change in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg through a new form of citizen participation in public life. We have put online a participative platform in order to list the initiatives, projects, of young people in Strasbourg: Discover the proposed initiatives: from environmental awareness to children to the fight […]

Newsletter – January 2020

Newsletter January 2020 Read all about the recent activities of AMSED and our network in our January 2020 newsletter! Feel free to read and share as many times as you’d like: Newsletter January 2020

2020 : New Year, New Mobility

Once again this year, mobility opens your arms.  Do you want to get involved in a project by young people for young people?  In 2020, Peru, Morocco, India, Vietnam, Ivory Coast, Lebanon, Nepal and all of Europe are within reach. It is possible to train all year round? The European training courses and seminars offered throughout […]

AMSED network meetings 2019 close up in Turkey 

This last network meeting in Turkey was the opportunity to recall the objectives of the network and to place in perspective the network’s learning outcomes over 2 years. This gathering was also organised in order to look at the methods employed, the themes covered and to qualify expected results for the 2020 Action Plan. During […]

The DEMOcrisis project in Poland

Stowarzyszenie Poczucia organised the project DEMOcrisis cofounded with the Erasmus+ grant with two participants from AMSED – Ferat and Larouci. During this seminar they focused on topics like the crisis in democratic values across Europe, the raise in populism and hate speech. By the means of various methods – the group process, the Six De […]

A study on Brexit consequences made by our English partner Gyros

In collaboration with the University of Cambridge, our English partner Gyros conducted a study on Brexit consequences. This study was made in a context of change for the inhabitants of the UK. If the government did not find any deal for the Brexit, the government still launched its “settled status” reform. Indeed, before the end […]

Two network meetings organised in Strasbourg

From November 8th to November 11th 2019 and then from November 28th to December the first 2019, the third and fourth meetings of the network of the year were held at the AMSED premises in Strasbourg. These meetings were for AMSED an opportunity to bring together its partners and the opportunity for the members of […]

The culture of the “we”

On Wednesday November 27, was held the second workshop on the issue of interculturality organised by AMSED as part of the “possible coexistence” project, carried out in partnership with the Turkish foundation YADA. As a reminder, at the origin of this project, the YADA Foundation wanted to work on the issue of multiculturalism in Turkey […]

Youth and Diversity Meetings 2019

This year, as part of the Solidarity Festival, AMSED organized its annual event; the Youth and Diversity Meetings. The event, which is an opportunity to highlight cultural richness and sharing among young people, took place on Saturday November 30, 2019. The aim of this 2019 edition was to promote young international volunteers who went in […]

Second seminar of the “Youth Strategies Access to Labor Land” project in Strasbourg

After Greece, the second seminar of the “Youth Strategies Access to Labor Land” project was held this time at the AMSED office in Strasbourg. As a reminder, this project brings together three European countries; Greece, Portugal and France around a common objective: the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the working world. Through […]

The “Atout Voir” card: making culture accessible to all

The “Atout voir” Card has existed since 1994 and has been managed by the city and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg since 2009. This system is made for young people to obtain preferential rates on a large number of shows, concerts, cinema tickets and also free of charge museums. It is aimed at young people between 11 […]

IEUME project: a 2nd meeting of partners organised in Strasbourg

On October 24th and 25th 2019, AMSED hosted the second transnational meeting of the IEUME project in its office. Thus, Maltese, Portuguese, Cypriot and Austrian partners were able to exchange views on the project’s progress. As a reminder, this project aims to strengthen the civic and social participation of migrants in the European Union through […]

17th meeting of the Strasbourg Club network: AMSED presented the AIR project

The 17th meeting of the European and Solidarity Network of the Strasbourg Club took place on November 7th 2019 as part of the World Forum for Democracy. This year, the meeting was dedicated to the place of refugees in our cities and also addressed the issue of Fake news. Around the table, were present elected […]

AMSED oversees the youth delegate programme of the Strasbourg Club

As part of the 17th meeting of the Strasbourg Club organised on the occasion of the World Forum for Democracy, a programme dedicated to young people had been set up: the Youth Delegates Programme of the Strasbourg Club. This programme has enabled young people from Strasbourg, but also young people from European and African countries, […]

A day based on sharing

On Thursday October 31st, the first of the four workshops organised by AMSED took place as part of a new project carried out in partnership with the Turkish Foundation YADA. At the origin of this project, the YADA Foundation wanted to work on the issue of multiculturalism in Turkey in order to promote better coexistence […]

The European Solidarity Corps: AMSED welcomes volunteers in Strasbourg

Since September, AMSED has been involved in a new Erasmus+ project: the European Solidarity Corps. Within the framework of this project, AMSED welcomes Tunisian and Moroccan volunteers in Strasbourg, in order to involve them in the life of associations in Strasbourg. Resulting from a partnership with Moroccan and Tunisian associations, AMSED will welcome volunteers from […]

the 3rd conferences on development and international solidarity in the Grand Est

On Saturday October 19th 2019, the 3rd meeting of development and international solidarity in the Grand Est took place in Strasbourg, at the headquarters of the Regional Council. During this meeting, we were able to witness interventions of a high quality. Mr Hervé Berville, Deputy of the Côtes d’Armor, presented to the assembly the new […]

AMSED was present at the “Place à l’Emploi” forum

AMSED was present on Tuesday October 15th 2019 at the “Place à l’Emploi” forum. This action, organized by Pôle emploi, enabled several professional sectors to be represented: catering, personal services, digital and construction. For the young audience, the focus was on orientation. Various job opportunities were thus presented during the day: presentation of craft trades, […]

Film debate: equality and fight against discrimination in the spotlight

As part of the weeks of equality and fight against discrimination, AMSED organised on October 3rd 2019 a film-debate at the Hautepierre socio-cultural centre. During this meeting, the movie “Les figures de l’ombre” was screened, thus retracing the incredible true story of three African-American women scientists who disrupted the space conquest. Following the screening of […]

An unmissable event: the associations’ return to work

This year again, AMSED was present at the event “Rentrée des Associations” on 28 and 29th September 2019 at Parc de la Citadelle. Over the course of a weekend, more than 300 associative structures were gathered to meet the citizen of Strasbourg, to exchange and to share ideas about local associative and civic life. As […]

A seminar focused on capitalization

In collaboration with the association La mémoire de la médina from Kairouan, AMSED organized a seminar in Tunisia, from 16 to 21 September 2019. This seminar was organized in order to capitalize on the Erasmus + project of the strategic European Solidarity Corps, entitled “The e-Citizenship Factory: an innovative tool and an inclusive lever for […]

Fighting Fake News together

This summer 2019, in Strasbourg, some forty participants from all over Europe and elsewhere gathered to discuss the Fake-News issue. What does Fake News mean? The term “Fake News” has an important place in public debate and in today’s society. Launched by Donald Trump to discredit the media and his political opponents, this term dominated […]

A summer punctuated by volunteering – Summer 2019 Workcamps

At AMSED, summer means solidarity! This is why several projects take place each year. This year, several groups of young people travelled with the will to act to several countries: India, Morocco, Peru, Nepal, Vietnam, Lebanon and Côte d’Ivoire. The partners welcomed them according to the traditions and culture of the country. In Nepal, volunteers […]

Summer workshops at Espace Joséphine Baker

Throughout the month of August, the children of the Josephine Baker space were able to enjoy the intervention of intercultural animators every Tuesday and Thursday morning. During this period, various intercultural activities were proposed to the children, a project that is in line with AMSED’s values: sharing, exchange, intercultural dialogue and solidarity. Not all these […]

La Caravane Art’Découv en musique

In August, EVS who came to Strasbourg to do artistic and cultural workshops had the chance to participate in the Art’Découv Caravan, created by the Espace Jalmik association. The tour of the Kamishibike districts was carried out with the help of a caravan offering children to discover instruments from all over the world and various […]

Passion Sport: a tour of the Quartiers at Parc de la Bergerie

In the Parc de la Bergerie, children were able to enjoy, under the sun, the many intercultural activities led by EVS and the civic services offered by AMSED. These activities were held in partnership with the City of Strasbourg, for the Passion Sport project. The facilitators came from different countries: Ukraine, Morocco, Tunisia, Poland, Germany […]

The circular economy, an answer to everything

In July 2019, participants from all over Europe gathered in Strasbourg for a seminar organised by the AMSDED, to discuss a topical issue: the circular economy and the employability of disadvantaged young people. This exchange time made it possible to exchange good practices and to create and design innovative, modern tools that take into account […]

Press Room : The neighbourhood tour, they talk about us !

This 19′ summer, AMSED organised a neighbourhood tour in partnership with the City of Strasbourg, the CSC of Cronenbourg and the CSC of Hautepierre. A multitude of intercultural activities were offered free of charge to children in the priority districts of Strasbourg, allowing a project that is in line with AMSED’s values: Sharing, Exchange, Intercultural […]

Newsletter July 2019

Read all about the recent activities of AMSED and our network in our July 2019 newsletter! Feel free to read and share as many times as you’d like: Newsletter July 2019

2019 Training Weekend

The training weekend was held on Saturday, April 27 and Sunday, August 28 at the AMSED premises. Its aim was to prepare young people for their departure before the solidarity and European Voluntary Service projects. The aim was to familiarize them with the notions of “construction site”, “Southern countries”, to make them aware of the […]

Understanding the European elections

This document presents for each institution, its competences and its composition as well as the schedule of the coming appointments to their head. It also presents some elements on the consequences of Brexit on the institutional functioning of the Union.    

A humanist Europe

The Solidarité Laïque association fights against exclusion and improves everyone’s access to quality education. It is a collective of 52 organizations related to public school, popular education and the social and solidarity economy. It is recognized as being of public utility and enjoys the “Trusted Trust” label of the Charter Committee. It reaffirms with its […]

Awareness campaign for the European elections

We are a few days away from the next European elections, the opportunity to choose our representatives in the European Parliament and the new President of the European Commission. These are, however, in a context very different from that of the last elections of 2014. Indeed, the European Union faces many challenges, the referendum on […]


The 14th edition “TOOL FAIR XVI” will take place from 4 to 8 November in Rovaniemi, Finland. The “Pedagogical Tools Fair” is part of an international approach to sharing educational tools applicable to popular education. The theme of the international educational tools fair will be “know-how in the field of youth work”, know-how from the […]

European Youth Week “Enter!”

The Council of Europe, in partnership with the City of Strasbourg, the European Youth Forum, the Ministry of National Education and Youth, is organizing from 7th to 12th July the European Youth Week “Enter! Which will focus on the theme of access to social rights. Around 300 young people, youth workers and representatives of local […]

The need for a social Europe!

On the occasion of the European elections of 26 May 2019, the REF wanted to produce a document to raise awareness and question candidates of the various lists concerning the future European foreign policy and particularly that pertaining to the Mediterranean neighborhood. Thanks to the contribution of several member organizations – League of Human Rights, […]

Call for projects

Cooperate beyond the borders in the Mediterranean ! Here is the first call for standard project, which allows : – To submit a project proposal – Submit project ideas and search for partners – See frequently asked questions and their answers  


An exchange named “educ-game” took place in Lefkadas, Greece from 11 to 22 December 2018.   30 young people and 7 leaders from different countries (France, Greece, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey) met on site. The purpose of this exchange is to improve the skills of young people and youth workers, so that they can […]

MAY 2019: GO TO VOTE !

May it’s time to change ! The next European elections take place in the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) between 23 and 26 May 2019. In France, they take place on Sunday 26 May, apart from a few cities. The European elections allow European citizens to nominate their representatives to the European […]

How to Conduct awareness Campagne ?

Here is a booklet explaining how to carry out an awareness campaign, aimed at carrying out the campaign we did about the European elections. In this booklet are indicated the major points: – Objectives, targets, format, slogan, plan, chosen media … We are a few days away from the next European elections, the opportunity to […]

Dissemination results : articles created by participants at the international Seminar on employability of migrants and refugees / july 2018

  Article written in French by Kevin Rossaro, participant representing France. Le séminaire international « Agir ensemble pour l’inclusion socio-professionnelle des migrants et réfugiés », a été organisé par l’association AMSED, du 13 au 21 juillet 2018 à Strasbourg. Financé par le programme Européen Erasmus + et soutenu par la Ville de Strasbourg, ce séminaire […]

Monthly letter: European elections; youth; mobilizations …

In this letter is the news of April 2019 : mobilizations, climate, European elections … Go take a look :