E-booklet of good practices of Franco-German cooperation in the form of citizen e-journalism “Les jeunes webtrotters transfrontaliers”

The Franco-German project “Les Jeunes Webtrotters transfrontaliers” is a project carried out in 2017/2018 by the AMSED, the Kehl Professional School and other Franco-German partners. It aimed at reaching young people between the ages of 16 and 30, interested in the media through various workshops and outings that were organized in mixed groups made up […]

E-booklet of good practices: youth participation in public life

This e-booklet was created following the Euro-Maghreb Forum on Citizenship and Participative Democracy, organized from 14 to 18 October 2016 in Kairouan, Tunisia, in partnership with the Mediation Memory of the Medina (Kairouan) and Youth and Development ( Remada). During this Forum, sessions of sharing good practices in the field of participatory democracy in France […]

Living Library

Organize a living library ! Tutoriel Bibliothèque Vivante ENG


Plan in time the various steps of your project with this software!


Another useful tool for video conversations (up to 8 people for free). Discover it below!


Because it is always better to have the choice, this is the tutorial about Hipchat, another software for group and private conversations!  

Discover Google tools!

Receive directly on your email address the latest news about your favourite topics! Here is the tutorial: Google alerts An online application of Google to easily create beautiful and useful survey! Here is the tutorial: Google Form The window of your organisation on Google: address, pictures, opentime… Here is the tutorial: GoogleMyBusiness Discover the various possibilities offered by Google Drive, the […]


Become a professional in video montage with  MovieMaker! Here is the introduction: Moviemaker


Our introduction to the most famous software for slideshows: PowerPoint


You would like to send files bit they are too heavy? You want to share at once pictures with several persons? Dropbox offers you this kind of services in a really easy way. Here is the introduction: Dropbox


Creation of short blogs for a maximum of visibility! Write, show& share your thoughts and images. Here is the introduction: TUMBLR

E-module 1: Coursera

Coursera is a an education platform that allows you to take free courses online, taught by some of the greatest professors and universities in the world. The document below explains some of the main features of Coursera and how to take advantage of this platform. Don’t hesitate to take a look.  COURSERA_ENG

E-module 2: SlideShare

SlideShare is a website that allows you to discover, import and share all different types of content: infographics, PDF and Word documents, videos and much more. The document below was created in order to explain some of the basic features of SlideShare and what it can be used for.  SLIDESHARE_ENG

E-module 3: Moodle

Moodle is a free open source course management system. You can either use it as a student or participant of a project, or create your own platform in order to share content with your students or participants! Take a look at the document below to learn more. MOODLE_ENG

E-module 4: Podcast

A podcast is an audio or video recording that is diffused online. Podcasts are a great way of sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world! Don’t know how to record a podcast? Don’t worry – the document below will tell you all about it!  PODCAST_ENG

E-module 5: Prezi

Prezi is an online tool that allows you to create beautiful and creative presentations on any topic. Please take a look at the document below if you want to learn more. PREZI

E-module 6: Webinar

A webinar is an online conference that is easy to set up and that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. The document below document will tell you more about how to set up a webinar and also how to participate in one. WEBINAR A video tutorial about the software GoToWebinar:

E-module 7: Quizlet

Quizlet is a fun and interactive online tool that helps you revise for exams and classes. Check out this document to learn more! QUIZLET_ENG

E-module 8: Blog

This document was created in order to give you an introduction on what a blog is, what it can be used for and – most importantly – how to create one. Happy reading! BLOG_ENG

E-module 9: Storify

Storify is a social media tool that lets you create and tell informative and visually appealing stories online using posts from different social media outlets. Check out this document to learn more.  STORIFY_ENG

E-module 10: Newsletter

Ever wondered how to create your very own newsletter? Wonder no more! We’ve put together this document that explains what you should bear in mind and how to proceed when creating your own newsletter. NEWSLETTER_ENG

An introduction to citizen journalism

What is citizen journalism? What’s it good for? How can I use citizen journalism in my youth organization? Take a look at this document in order to find the answers to these questions and more! Citizen journalism