Animations for Roma

Let’s be supportive !

Partnership with Espace Joséphine Backer, employee, trainee and civic service of AMSED, has voluntarily declared that you are in the place since November 2018, so that all courses are completed. FLE (French as a foreign language), for beginners but also for help with homework for children.

  • For this course to be FLE: it is to teach them the basics of the language, such as: – to present oneself, transport, fruits / vegetables, organs, numbers, time … These last ones take care of a small group of 5.6 people, of all ages, men and women, motivated and willing to take advantage of these courses to train or work. The moments spent in sharing, exchange and conviviality!
  • As for help : we help Roma children for mathematics, lectures, poetry, and to learn French both orally and in writing. Some children who do not go to school come to participate anyway. For the last minutes, children learn English, such as colors, numbers, alphabet

In both cases, courses in the form of images, poems, songs, because it garment more and can be done in a more playful way!