IEUME project: a 2nd meeting of partners organised in Strasbourg

On October 24th and 25th 2019, AMSED hosted the second transnational meeting of the IEUME project in its office. Thus, Maltese, Portuguese, Cypriot and Austrian partners were able to exchange views on the project’s progress.

As a reminder, this project aims to strengthen the civic and social participation of migrants in the European Union through innovative media. The group intends to promote this participation through the design of an inclusive, interactive and user-friendly digital toolbox for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

During this second meeting held at AMSED, participants were able to discuss the progress of the project, new guidelines and project deadlines. In addition, participants were able to work together on topics related to communication and training.
An inventory of the future online platform was carried out: website content, visual identity, …

Finally, the date of the third transnational meeting of the IEUME project was discussed. The latter will take place within the structure of one of the partners in Malta in March 2020.