AMSED oversees the youth delegate programme of the Strasbourg Club

As part of the 17th meeting of the Strasbourg Club organised on the occasion of the World Forum for Democracy, a programme dedicated to young people had been set up: the Youth Delegates Programme of the Strasbourg Club. This programme has enabled young people from Strasbourg, but also young people from European and African countries, to work together on the issue of Fake news.

The youth delegation was welcomed in Strasbourg on Monday November 4th by AMSED members. During 5 days, the young people had the opportunity to work together on the issue of Fake news.

First of all, they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the world of media. They were able to visit three media: ARTE, DNA and Rue 89. These meetings allowed the young people to understand the job of journalist, to introduce the notions of programming, checking sources and information. The participants also had the opportunity to meet Geneviève Daune-Anglard, a journalist with the daily journal L’Alsace, and Yannick Meneceur, Policy Advisor on Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence at the Council of Europe.

Participants then took part in the World Forum for Democracy at the Council of Europe, attending the first plenary session:
” Democracy dies in darkness: do we have the information we need?”.

This week in Strasbourg finally took shape in the form of recommendations addressed to elected representatives, the media and the civil society. Through these recommendations, young people promote the development of critical thinking in the face of the proliferation of Fake news in the media. Finally, the young people presented these recommendations at the 17th meeting of the Strasbourg Club.

This week, rich in human and cultural discoveries, allowed 15 young people from different backgrounds to work together on a theme and to make this experience a reality by creating concrete recommendations.