MAY 2019: GO TO VOTE !

May it’s time to change !

The next European elections take place in the 27 Member States of the European Union (EU) between 23 and 26 May 2019. In France, they take place on Sunday 26 May, apart from a few cities.

The European elections allow European citizens to nominate their representatives to the European Parliament: MEPs, also called MEPs.

Several crucials points of the futur of Europe will be played during this élections :

  • The issue of the European elections goes beyond the parliament. On polling day, European citizens do not vote only to appoint MEPs
  • Do not let others choose in their place. In November 2018, 42% of French people said they were interested in the European election. 

The stakes of these élections :

  • Fight the temptation of abstention that in 2014 was above 50% and is the game of the far right who will vote in this type of election.
  • Fight against free trade policies by avoiding falling into protectionism and rediscovering the virtues of solidarity organized around the management of the needs of the economy and peoples rather than those of the lobbies.
  • Reinforce the few European initiatives that often face the opposition of states and lobbies in ambushes to finally integrate in the objectives of the EU the imperatives of energy transition and climate defense. 

Abstention :

The abstention of voters voting for major traditional parties often leads to favoring formations that weigh little, then, to the European Parliament. The scattering of votes on many lists also means that France is under-represented in the political groups that weigh in parliament, in relation to the size of its population.