European Cultural Heritage 2018 Mobility February 2018 “E-Learning Project for EVS: Greece, France, Romania”

The year 2018 is dedicated to the European cultural heritage and its promotion on the continent and beyond its borders!

What are the goals of this year?
The initiative aims to highlight the economic, social and historical importance of Europe’s cultural heritage. The main objective is to strengthen the sense of belonging to a European citizenship and from this perspective, the Commission specifically targets children and young people, as well as people furthest removed from cultural activities. Another goal is to promote exchanges between countries on good practices of protection and enhancement of heritage.

Mobility February 2018: Greece, Lefkada
A new major project for AMSED and its European partners: a three-part training in Greece (March), France (June) and Romania (September). In which will be created online training sessions to develop the 8 key skills of young people, to become an e-mentor.
The session in Greece took place last March in Lefkada.

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