17th meeting of the Strasbourg Club network: AMSED presented the AIR project

The 17th meeting of the European and Solidarity Network of the Strasbourg Club took place on November 7th 2019 as part of the World Forum for Democracy. This year, the meeting was dedicated to the place of refugees in our cities and also addressed the issue of Fake news.

Around the table, were present elected representatives of the city of Strasbourg, mayors and elected representatives of different European cities, representatives of the European institutions and representatives of the civil society. This meeting was an opportunity to highlight existing good practices in the reception and employment of refugees.

During this morning, AMSED had the opportunity to present its new project: the AIR project (Ambassadors for the Inclusion of Refugees). This intervention was an opportunity to present the objective of this project: to facilitate the inclusion of refugees and promote living together.
The various initiatives implemented were then presented: support for employment, access to culture and non-formal education, friendly moments, valuing the experience of refugees. The creation of a website was also discussed. This website will share all the practical information a refugee needs (housing, food, health care, etc.).