The culture of the “we”

On Wednesday November 27, was held the second workshop on the issue of interculturality organised by AMSED as part of the “possible coexistence” project, carried out in partnership with the Turkish foundation YADA.

As a reminder, at the origin of this project, the YADA Foundation wanted to work on the issue of multiculturalism in Turkey in order to promote better coexistence between the different cultures represented within the country.
While at the last workshop, a study carried out by AMSED on the issue of multiculturalism in France was presented, this time the second workshop was an opportunity to present the results of the study carried out in Turkey. This presentation also allowed participants to share their own life experiences, whether in Turkey, Syria, Guinea or Chad. Some of the participants also reviewed the history of France, its regions and the different religions practiced within the country.

During the day, concrete working tracks were developed to improve the question of interculturality: addressing geopolitics in schools, promoting a eucumemic approach in schools (visits to churches, Buddhist temples, mosques, synagogues, etc.) or allowing youth exchanges around the world.
In addition, participants also considered possible solutions that would help refractory people to understand that religion is an integral part of culture.