Few articles of dissemination of results for the Seminar on Circular Economy and Employability of disadvantaged Youth

Article in Bulgarian by Bozhidara Stoyanova, Kristian Mihaylov, Martin Ranchev: В началото на юли Euro- training – гр. Стара Загора изпрати ас. Мартин Ранчев и студентите Божидара Стоянова и Кристиян Михайлов на десетдневно международно обучение в Страсбург, Франция. Темата на на тренинга беше „Economie circulaire et employabilité des jeunes défavorisés“()- “ ”, организиран от френската […]

E-booklet of good practices of Franco-German cooperation in the form of citizen e-journalism “Les jeunes webtrotters transfrontaliers”

The Franco-German project “Les Jeunes Webtrotters transfrontaliers” is a project carried out in 2017/2018 by the AMSED, the Kehl Professional School and other Franco-German partners. It aimed at reaching young people between the ages of 16 and 30, interested in the media through various workshops and outings that were organized in mixed groups made up […]

Success Stories

A success story highlights the successful project of somebody, linked to the global topic (in this case it was mobility and the Erasmus+ program) in order to inspire others. These success stories were made in the frame of the Erasmus+ program to promote mobility and inspire youth, showing you different paths in this domain. You […]

Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

You have professional experience but no academic certificate in a field? In France, they can be officially recognized thanks to the Validation of Acquired Experience. Discover how it works! Here is the introduction: VAE


The German website to enhance your skills, follow our introduction: ProfilPASS

Skills Recognition Tools

Which are the tools that help you to enhance your skills? Discover them in our introduction: Skills Recognition Tools


You need a digital portfolio? Check our introduction about C-STICK!

Skills assessment

What? How? Why? What fort? Discover everything you have to know about SKILLS ASSESSMENT!

Youth Work Portfolio

The tool of the Council of Europe to enhance your skills and experience in youth work! Here is the introduction: Portfolio euroopéen de compétences

Involvement of youngsters

An overview of the involvement of young migrant people supported by AMSED in their actions for sustainable development!In this tool, you will find testimonies of young people involved through European and international mobility that allow them to find a place to express themselves.http://fr.calameo.com/read/00459085867edcdb550ea