International Seminar “Circular Economy and Employability of disadvantaged youth”

A seminar organized by AMSED and supported by the Erasmus + program on the theme of the circular economy took place from 2 to 11 July in Strasbourg. More than 40 young people and youth actors from Europe, the Mediterranean and the Caucasus took part in the project and shared their ideas on the topics of ecological transition, sustainable development and circular economy.

In different intercultural workshops and through interactive learning methods, participants exchanged, discussed and shared existing national and international good practices in the circular economy that have a potential to generate jobs in this new economical model.

During these 10 days, youth workers exchanged with local experts: Simon Baumert from Association Zero Déchet Strasbourg, Jérémy Oliger representing Oxfam Strasbourg, Thomas Desmartin (Maison du Compost), Delphine Gass (Association Tad’âm), Joakim Couchoud (Sikle Composters), Fionnuala O’Brien, project manager Zero Waste Project of the City of Strasbourg, Alexandra Lopez – lawyer at JuriEst and specialist in supporting creation of start-ups, Jeanne Barseghian – municipal councilor from the Ecologist Party, and visited the local practices – Envie, Oxfam and Emmaus solidarity shops, Citiz – car sharing, Cooperative Coopalim, Jardins de la Montagne Verte and the Magazin Zero Waste BEEVRAC.

Following the many pedagogical activities of reflection, working in intercultural subgroups and exchanging knowledge, the participants collectively developed recommendations to address the problem of global warming, which they had the opportunity to present to the local elected official Jeanne BARSEGHIAN (Group Ecologists and Citizens).

This project led to the creation of partnerships and ideas for various innovative projects in circular economy, such as a start-up in 3D sustainable printing, awareness campaigns through training or youth exchanges and the the potential opening of a second hand store for clothes in Turkey.

Besides the recommendations, the young participants created an e-booklet on employment niches in circular economy (according to the 7 principles of consumption) and a tutorial on the creation of a start-up in circular economy: both tangible tools improving Youth Work of the partners associated in the project but also of any organization working in the field of sustainable development and employability of young people.

During this project the participants had an incredible experience that allowed them to discover new ways of living, to develop a critical spirit, to interact in an intercultural environment and much more.