The European Solidarity Corps: AMSED welcomes volunteers in Strasbourg

Since September, AMSED has been involved in a new Erasmus+ project: the European Solidarity Corps.

Within the framework of this project, AMSED welcomes Tunisian and Moroccan volunteers in Strasbourg, in order to involve them in the life of associations in Strasbourg. Resulting from a partnership with Moroccan and Tunisian associations, AMSED will welcome volunteers from Morocco and Tunisia and will also send young French volunteers to Morocco.

The objective of this volunteer service is to offer interactive and intercultural activities to children and young people from “disadvantaged” neighbourhoods in Strasbourg and to local associations. It aims to promote cultural exchange through music classes with traditional instruments, dances, participatory workshops, etc. This volunteering also aims to improve the key skills of young people through various digital activities.

Since mid-October, two Tunisian women have been in Strasbourg as part of this fruitful exchange.
Imen and Amassi will stay in Strasbourg for two months, during which they will have the opportunity to work with many of AMSED’s associative partners. They will also be able to share some of their skills with local children and youth. Imen is a seamstress and will organize sewing workshops, Amassi is a painter and will be able to share his talents during many events.