In the face of injustice, the poverty and fragmentation of societies, the co-development and social cohesion actions carried out by the migrant organizations highlight, despite the many obstacles, the significant potential of migrants. in the field of solidarity and international cooperation. The values ​​for which Nelson Mandela fought echo the mission of the Forum of International Solidarity Organizations for Migration (FORIM), a national platform that brings together more than 700 migrant associations engaged in actions. integration, awareness raising, ECSI and advocacy here and in developmMADIent actions in their home countries. It is in this spirit that FORIM launched for the first time, in 2014, the MADIBA PRIZE, a solidarity action aimed at rewarding initiatives led by associations in the fields of Co-development, living together, social cohesion and of citizenship, implemented in France and / or in the countries of origin of migrants.

On the occasion of the International Day of Migrants · J.I.M. 2018, FORIM, its diasporas members of the platform and the network of partners will meet you at the event:

“Migrant.e.s: (in) quest for a new citizenship”

This year, FORIM puts at the heart of its reflection the citizenship of people coming from migrations, to reaffirm and promote the rights of migrants, dispel prejudices and raise public awareness of the contribution of migration in the economic, political and social spheres. cultural and social.

J.I.M. 2018 are:
5 Regional Forums a National Forum for reflection and mobilization A Gala Night of the MADIBA Award “Citizen, Citizen without Borders” An unmissable annual meeting of experts, actresses and actors involved in migration