Edu-Game & sustainable: Educate for it

An exchange named “educ-game” took place in Lefkadas, Greece from 11 to 22 December 2018.


30 young people and 7 leaders from different countries (France, Greece, Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania, Turkey) met on site.
The purpose of this exchange is to improve the skills of young people and youth workers, so that they can play a critical role in their local communities, encourage and influence their peers to use toys with a pedagogical and sustainable dimension. certainly leads to better education through play.
But also, to give a new moral conscience and a responsible and sustainable culture with regard to toys and, at the same time, promotes social inclusion through manufacturing.
During this activity, people produced educational videos aimed at the positive change of individual and collective practices towards the rational selection of toys and the promotion of toys promoting the social inclusion of young people.







The goal was also :

– to expose the realities of the consequences for health, the environment of harmful toys and anti-pedagogical toys in their countries, and to exchange experiences and best practices regarding the consumption, promotion and creation of non-educational educational toys toxic and ecological.
– To develop the skills of the beneficiaries in terms of industry and the responsible consumption of toys for young people, to be able to take initiatives in their communities that make it possible to sensitize their peers and the general public to make responsible choices regarding toys

Then, the same exchange took place in Strasbourg, from August 20 to 30, 2018, with 40 young people from the same countries