Anthony, the walkman of the forest

Anthony’s biography

Anthony is French, he is in CAP Cuisine, and has participated in projects as a volunteer in Tunisia. At just 18 years old, young but full of ambitions, it is a friend who trained him in this project for his first EVS. Anthony the Strasbourgeois has experienced upheaval in his life, but has rebounded today with his one-month European Voluntary Service (EVS) project in Tunisia organized by AMSED

To commit oneself to others, but also to oneself 

Throughout his journey, Anthony managed a team of young people, organized activities and brought his to know how to do, such as cooking classes, gardening … Before, I asked Anthony about what he will reap his experience in Tunisia, his response moved me: “This EVS will allow me to acquire new knowledge and experiences and then open myself to new cultures, and maybe even open new doors for me. for a better life. ” This young man of kind, attentive, smiling and very ambitious, at only 18 years old he is always motivated to help and give of his person. He sees this project as a chance to discover and learn a lot of new things.