Educational toolkit in the form of a socio-educational and professional step-by-step program for inclusion of migrants and refugees

AMSED, in partnership with 13 NGOs from Europe and Maghreb, organized the seminar “Acting together for the social and professional inclusion of migrants and refugees” on exchanging and sharing of good practices from 13th to 21st of July 2018, in Strasbourg, France.
The seminar brought together 48 young people, community leaders, social workers, teachers and volunteers, who work in the field of accompanying migrants and refugees through the integration process in their country.

This tangible output of the project, gathered reflections between the participants throughout the seminar, brings together conclusions following the interventions of experts, sharing of good practices and the visits and immersions in Strasbourg.

The educational toolkit is intended for professionals in the field and is structured in the form of socio-educational and professional guide that can be used as a reference and not necessarily as an obligation.
The toolkit is divided in 4 main categories (language learning, digital skills, job searching and socio-educational learning) and answers three main questions: what are the objectives of the forementioned category, through which activities can this be developped and what are the learning methods.

The result is presented in this document but professionals are free to organize the support of migrants and refugees as they wish. The guide serves to give ideas. An improvement is always possible and of course – welcomed.

This document was created by Olga Baltag for AMSED.

The seminar was funded under the Erasmus + program of the European Commission and with the support of the City of Strasbourg.