Maeva, the ambitious

The heroine of this success story comes from a charming little village near Sélestat, in Alsace. At the height of her 22 years, she is about to return with us on the elements that have made her the person she is today, and how she sees her future in this moment.

Maeva, or “Mae” for the intimate, is that kind of person who seems both rock-solid and fragile, sweet as a flower petal. Her name comes from Polynesia and means “welcome”,which describes her perfectly … Indeed, travel and solidarity are among her priorities on her life path.

When we tell her about her childhood and what brought her to where she is today, she talks about her two passions :

  • the first, the profession, its dreams, which will allow her to reconcile her humanistic goals, solidarity and discovery, travel. This position was in the army but she was unfortunately refused for medical reasons … Her vision of things, her character
    and the unwavering support of her family allowed her not to give up but to forge and continue in what is her second passion
  • the photography she has studied and experiences every day according to her inspirations.

Her lifestyle and the hardships she has experienced have allowed her to invest in projects that correspond to her … Meditation, sport, nature and its protection as well as hiking and animals are important to her. This allowed her to discover and open up to the world, trying to change things on a small scale and in correspondence with her values ​​and ethics. She is, for example, a vegetarian by choice in order to take responsibility for the planet and the animal cause / intensive farming conditions. This choice allowed her to assert herself and assume a role that is dear to her: ” if we all move, we can change the world”.

The road traveled has allowed her to be sure of her ambitions that remain in the humanitarian, solidarity and discoveries as well as travel in alliance with photography. All her values ​​and passions are finally together to offer her a path that she begins with determination and love.