Digital storytelling: Paola, the one who dared to go the distance! 

Paola is already part of volunteering and wants to continue on its launch!

Paola is a 23 year old girl from Lyon, after her bachelor’s degree she decides to pursue social studies in Strasbourg. Went to India in 2015, on a humanitarian mission with the association tomorrow foundation where she worked for 3 weeks, with children from an orphanage, where she conducted various fun and cultural activities with children

The social in the skin!

This mission in India allowed her to discover the associative world, so quite naturally when she returned to France, she decided to do a civic service with the association Unis-Cités in Strasbourg. This civic service allowed her to mature and proved to her that cultural difference is a wealth and a strength. Then she starts a social mediation or she is currently training.

<<Commitment is for me a way to exist through others and to learn to rediscover oneself>>

In continuation of her commitment Paola went to do an EVS in Fez in MOROCCO, organized by the association AMSED, so she was able to work with children and young people in precarious situation and street. From this EVS she also wanted to discover another culture and see how people live on the other side of the Mediterranean. Subsequently she also plans to go to Latin America to continue the humanitarian missions, because that’s what makes her happy!

Paola is very voluntary and helps us in many missions, she likes to give of herself to make others smile!