Mailbox creation workshop

I. What is a mailbox ?

The mailbox is a messaging service offered by the internet. It allows you to create a virtual space that belongs to you and to receive messages. The email address has a very important place nowadays, especially for the job search. There are several names designating mailbox, such as :

  • Online mail
  • Mail
  • Email


The messages we send with the mailbox also have several names :

  • Electronic mail
  • Online correspondence
  • E-message


An e-mail adress is invariably defined by 3 elements :

What is an e-mail box for ?

Mailboxes have the same purpose than postboxes: to receive mail. The fundamental differences between the mailbox and the postbox are:

-instant messages (you only need few seconds to receive a message)

-you can send it anywhere in the world

-it’s free

Here are the conditions to open a mailbox :

  • Have an internet connexion
  • Create a login
  • Create a password


II. Creation of a Gmail account

There is a lot of e-mail providers. We will choose Gmail of Google. A gmail account proposes lots of interesting functionnalities. However we will concentrate on the mail relied to gmail.


-Connect to

After clicking on « Gmail- Google », this page will appear.

Gmail will propose you to put your email adress in the white space. But as we don’t have an email adress yet, we will ignore this.

We will create an email adress by clicking first on « plus d’options » and then on « créer un compte »

A questionnaire will then appear, that you will have to fill with carefully.

Once this done, a new page concerning confidentiality and the utilisation conditions will appear.

Skroll the screen until the button « j’accepte » becomes clickable.

A new page will open on which Google will welcome you on its site.


It’s time now to access your email by clicking on  « Poursuivre vers Gmail ».


You are now on your Gmail ! You will find already 3 emails sent by Gmail. Lets see now each element on the screen.

III. Reception zone


Your reception zone is composed by 3 tags :

  • Principale, the most important one, where you recieve all your mails.
  • Réseaux sociaux, if you link your gmail to a social network, you will recieve here all the notifications.
  • Promotions, where you will recieve promotions from stores, restorants, cinema etc…


IV. Message tracking zone

V. The mailbox and its fonctionning

Lets begin with the basis, or how to open an email.

This is very simple, you will just have to point the curser wherever on the screen or on the concerned email.

Then, with the mouse, make a left double click.

Congratulations, your first email is open !

VI. « Autres » button

This button will permit you to interact with your email by different ways.



VII. Creation of an e-mail

Please click on    to open your first mail.

This will appear afterwards, lets analyse it.


There is two more important functionnalities that I would like to show you.

Joining a file :

By clicking on this paperclip, you may insert a document in attachement to your mail. This attachement may be a text document, a music, a movie ….

To insert an attachement, you will just have to click on the paperclip and the following window will open.


Gmail asks you to choose the document you would like to send.

Position your curser on the conserned fil and make a left double click.

Your attachement will charge directely in the mail !

Insert an image directely in the mail :

There is a possibility to insert an image directely on your email, which will be seen at the opening of the mail. You may choose the picture on internet or in your PC memory.


Now that you master gmail, please send me your first email..