How to apply online

Today’s tutorial will deal with the procedures to follow in order to apply speculatively online to an offer you are interested in. A large quantity of websites exist, offering you hob offers, therefore we are going to center on 3 big job platforms.

  • Pôle Emploi
  • Monster
  • Indeed

It relates to job boards, websites displaying regularly updated job offers.

Whatever the platform, it will always be necessary to :

  • have an account on that platform
  • have a mail box
  • have either a registered CV on your computer or to create one directly on the online platform

We will also go through Emploi Store, a website that will be able to guide you in your job search approaches and give you precious advice on methods to use for job offers application.

I. Emploi Store

The Emploi Store website is a platform put in place by Pôle Emploi (the French Job Center) with the aim of facilitating you professional integration.


In this perspective, various tools are put at the user’s disposal on the website’s home page, such as :

  • Basic learning methods on job search and CV/cover letters writing.
  • Alternative job search tools
  • Career change resources
  • Tools for job interview preparation

Eventually, it is 155 services that are put forward for web users, dealing as well with employement, trainings, competence assessment, job fairs, online courses available to all.

Those different services being classified by category, it is possible to access to those of your choice by using the search feature « searching a service »

Among the various services put forward by the platform, we find : MOOCs (Massive open online course), online videos, texts and quizzes.

One of the most interesting services are MOOcs.

A MOOC is an online interactive course with an instructor. It enables you then

In this way, you can ask questions to the instructor and even obtain a certificat in case of good assiduity to courses

However, be careful, MOOCs take place at specific time periods and require a personal commitment (a few work hour per week). For some Mooc, it is possible to have access to the different online services even if those have already ended.



II. Pôle Emploi website

A) Private space

Inform the requested criteria, that is to say, your Pôle Emploi ID and password, as well as your post code for your identification.

B) My job search

After having filled in the fields regarding the type of offer that you are interested in, and clicked on one of them, you can notice this zone below the page.

C) Apply

In order to directly apply online through the website of Pôle Emploi, It might be necessary to have written a CV in your private space beforehand. Accord to the platform, an additional cover letter to the CV might be requested from time to time.

III. Monster

Visit our website Monster by typing Monster on Google’s research bar.

A) Registration

To start we will create an account by clicking on « s’inscrire ».

B) My CV

Once your registration is finished, it is time to move forward to the second stage, essential to you in order to apply to offers : creating oneself a CV, again !

The second page opens and you are being asked to fill in your CV. This can be long and tedious, therefore content yourself with essential informational.

However, applying to an offer could not be more straightforward. All you have to do is to check whether the information are correct, to join a cover letter if you wish (it is recommended) and to click on send!

IV. Indeed

A) Indeed’s features

1)  Indeed CV or word processing CV

Indeed offers you the choice to respond to job offers by integrating your CV or by creating yourself a CV directly on the platform.

To achieve that, you will need to create an Indeed account. It is in your interest to have an Indeed account, in order to receive job alerts, thing which is not possible without being registered.

2)  Offers on recruiters’ websites

Indeed is a job board different than those we have seen previously. As a matter of fact, it lists offers but does not put forward to apply directly. It takes you to the website where the offer is listed. (e.g takes you to the website of Buffalo bill to be a cleaner.

Hence, there is no single path to apply as on Pôle Emploi or Monster. However, you will notice that this nevertheless remains easy and intuitive!

Some offer will however also demand you to create an account « personal space »

In red, the names of the recruiters.

To illustrate my words :


B) Accompaniment message

In some cases, you will be asked to write a message on the platform or to send a mail to a person in order to share you interest on the job offer.

Thus, I suggest you a simple and effective message that you can reuse in most cases.

« Dear Sirs / Dear Mr. / Dear Mrs. / Dear Ms., I am writing to you following the publication of your job offer…on …website…”

Please, find enclosed my CV in response to your offer

Please, do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Kind Regards