The platform of local authorities in support of the action of SOS Méditerranée

The City and the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, partners of AMSED, have joined the platform of local authorities in support of the action of SOS Méditerranée (Memberships adopted on February 22, 2021 by the City Council of Strasbourg and on February 26 by the Eurometropolitan Council).

In the framework of the International Women’s Rights Day, SOS MEDITERRANEE proposes a conference on March 8, 2021.

It is part of the association’s mission to bear witness to the multiple violent migratory experiences of women survivors. It also aims to deconstruct prejudices by reminding us that women have always been part of migration, and by making visible their strength and resilience, instead of considering them only from the point of view of vulnerability.

On this International Women’s Rights Day, the association SOS MEDITERRANEE, which has rescued 32,595 people over the past 5 years (the very first rescue took place on March 7, 2016), wished to pay tribute to the 5,028 women welcomed on board the Aquarius and the Ocean Viking who left their homes to undertake a migratory journey marked by multiple violence. The objective of this conference is to give them a voice and a face and thus make visible their strength and resilience.


Nejma Brahim, journalist at Mediapart, on board the Ocean Viking in January and February 2021
Camille Schmoll, geographer, director of studies at EHESS, author of the book “Les damnées de la mer : femmes et frontières en Méditerranée”,
A member of the SOS MEDITERRANEAN search and rescue team
The moderation will be provided by Juliette Gheerbrant, journalist at RFI, who was on board the Aquarius in 2016.

The conference can be accessed live via the Facebook pages of @SOSMEDFr and @SOSMEDSwitzerland or the Facebook Event: SOSMED:; on the RFI website… or in replay on the SOS MEDITERRANEE Youtube channel.