What is a solidarity Workshop

It is a project organized by young people and for young people. The goal is to promote international solidarity and to enable young people to enjoy opportunities to travel making themselves useful. International youth work sites are intercultural meeting places for motivated and volunteer people. The project can be construction, renovation, environmental protection, animation, but […]


SOLIDARITY WORKSHOP :  INDIA – MOTHUKA Period: July Duration: 3 weeks Beneficiary audience: Underprivileged children and isolated women Field of action: Social and Health LOCALISATION AND INFORMATION ABOUT ASSOCIATION  G.M. School, Mothuka, is located in the Rajasthan region of India, two hours from New Delhi. The mission of the school is to provide quality education for […]


SOLIDARITY WORKSHOP : NEPAL  Period: July and August Duration: 2 weeks Type of site: Renovation and animation Beneficiary audience: Children Field of action: Construction and Education of children LOCALISATION AND INFORMATION ABOUT ASSOCIATION  The “Help Kodana” project aims to respond to the most urgent need: to offer school classrooms to students by rebuilding a building. […]


SOLIDARITY WORKSHOP : LEBANON – ACHKOUT  PERIOD: July DURATION: 2 weeks TYPE OF SITE: Animations and activities of artistic awakening for disadvantaged children BENEFICIARY PUBLIC: Disadvantaged children and refugees AREA OF ACTION: Social and educational LOCALISATION AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE ASSOCIATION  AFEL, means Lebanese Children’s Home Association organizes holiday camps for disadvantaged children. It is located […]


SOLIDARITY WORKSHOP : PERU – LIMA PERIOD: from September 15th to June 15th LENGTH OF STAY: from 2 to 4 weeks NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS: in individual or collective departures AREA OF ACTION: Socio-educational and socio-professional PUBLIC VISE: Inhabitants of a slum in the northern suburbs of Lima and its surroundings. LOCALISATION & INFORMATIONS ABOUT THE […]


SOLIDARITY WORKSHOP MAROCCO – FEZ AND ESSAOUIRA Period: July and August Duration: 3 weeks Type of site: Manual work and animation Beneficiary audience: Street children and inhabitants Field of action: Social   LOCALISATION AND INFORMATION ABOUT ASSOCIATION  Solidarity and Development Space (ESD) is located in Fez has a long experience in solidarity projects with AMSED. […]

Ivory Cost

SOLIDARITY WORKSHOP : IVORY COST – ABIDJAN Period: August Duration: 3 weeks maximum Dates: From August 3rd to August 21st 2017 Type of site: Socio-educational Beneficiary audience: Children and women Field of action: Childhood and Education LOCALISATION AND INFORMATION ABOUT ASSOCIATION The NGO Save Our School Created officially since September 21, 2010, is a structure […]

Assets and Skills of an European Mobility

DISCOVER OTHER CULTURES Around social themes such as the fight against discrimination and prejudice, the promotion of diversity, human rights, the protection of the environment and the building of peace … IMPROVING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Europe is rich in all its languages. To leave is to enter immersion into a language and practice it through […]

What is European mobility

European trainings and seminars allow social workers, socio-cultural facilitators, students, youth leaders and voluntary to live a mobility experience, meet their European counterparts, create bridges between their local work and a European approach to the youth work world. They become multipliers of this enriching experience and bring to their practices new visions, a new energy. […]

2018: New year, new european mobilities!

AMSED is proud to offer you its new European mobilities for the year 2018! As far as Erasmus + European mobility is concerned, you now have the opportunity to go to Greece, London, Ukraine or Romania to take part in training courses on digital skills acquisition, as well as conflict risk education and training. how […]

Solidarity Workshop in Côte d’Ivoire

AMSED is looking for 10 young people between 18 and 30 years old for a Solidarity Workshop taking place in Abidjan. Date of construction: August 5 to August 20, 2017 Project: Learning to read and write to children and women For more information, see the data sheet: FT – Cote d’Ivoire Or contact: network@amsed.fr or […]

EVS in Strasbourg, June-August 2016

AMSED is looking for 1 youngster from Bulgaria and another from Turkey for a European Voluntary Service project which will take place in Strasbourg from 1st June to 31 August 2016. For more information, please contact to contact@amsed.fr or 09 81 91 71 67  

Burkina Faso

For further information, please download the technical form of the international solidarity work camp in Burkina Faso: Techincal Form Burkina Faso I. Identity Card of the project Capital: Ouagadougou Surface area: 274 200 km² Population: 18 million inhabitants Climate: Winters are hot and dry; summers are hot and wet. This climate has two different seasons, […]


  For further information, please download the technical form of the international solidarity work camp in Morocco: FT MAROC ESSAOUIRAA I. Identity Card of the project Capital: Rabat Surface area: 446 550 km² Population: 32 million inhabitants Climate: Winter can be very cold. Spring and fall are the best seasons to visit Fes. Maximal average […]


For further information, don’t hesitate to download the technical form of the international solidarity work camp in Nepal: Techincal Form Nepal I. Identity Card of the project Capital: Katmandu Surface area: 147 181 km² Population: 30 million inhabitants Climate: Nepal enjoys a dry season from October to May when temperatures can reach more than 30°C […]


EVS in Strasbourg, France: http://network.amsed.fr/en/sve-a-strasbourg-juin-aout-2016/ EVS in Fes, Morocco: http://network.amsed.fr/en/sve-court-terme-maroc/ EVS in Lefkada, Greece: http://network.amsed.fr/en/sve-court-terme-grece/


For further information, please download the technical form of the international solidarity work camp in Lebanon: FC Liban I. Identity Card of the project Capital : Beyrouth      Surface area : 10 452 km² Population : 6 millions inhabitants Climate : Climate variable according to the regions but globally typical Mediterranean and very sunny. Winters are mild on […]