For further information, please download the technical form of the international solidarity work camp in Lebanon: FC Liban

I. Identity Card of the project

Capital : Beyrouth     

Surface area : 10 452 km²

Population : 6 millions inhabitants

Climate : Climate variable according to the regions but globally typical Mediterranean and very sunny.
Winters are mild on the coast but harder in the mountains. The summer is dry in the mountains but hot and humid on the coast.

Time difference : UTC + 2, + 1h more than in France.

Currency : Livre Libanaise (LBP)

People and ethnic groups : Lebanese

Religion : Islam 59%, Christian 41%

Language : Arabic (official language), French, English, Armenian.

II. A few words of exchange

English Hello Good night Yes/No What’s your name? My name is How are you? Thank you !
Arab Sabah alkhyr Masa’ alkhir Na-am/La Ma asmk? Aismi Kayf halik? Shukraan !

III. Formalities

EU: Visa and passport with a minimum validity of six months. Short-stay visas have a duration of 90 days and are issued in the Embassy of Lebanon in Paris. For a single entry, the cost of the visa reaches 39 €. It is not obligatory to go to the consulate personally, to file the file or to recover the visa, a third person can do it for others.
The passport must be valid for 6 months after the end of the stay. An airline reservation is required to obtain the visa.
For more information, here is the website of the embassy: http://www.ambassadeliban.fr/visas.php

IV. Health

It is strongly advised:
– Update of diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis vaccination.
– Other vaccinations recommended (according to hygienic conditions and length of stay): typhoid fever, viral hepatitis A and B.
– To follow strict hygiene rules, risk of coronaviruses, seasonal influenza and avian influenza.

V. SĂ©curity

– be careful with photography (ask the opinion of the people first)
– to monitor his behavior and to remain reserved in the expression of his ideas (moral, political, etc.).
– to penetrate barefoot in the mosques open to non-Muslims
– not to photograph the buildings, sites and checkpoints where soldiers or members of the security forces are stationed.
– be discreet when leaving or putting your wallet in public places
– wear appropriate clothing at a place of worship; In mosques, women must have their heads and arms covered.
– not to have a sign of affection in public towards a partner of the same sex
In the national security context, travel to border areas with Syria, Bekaa Plain, Southern Lebanon, the southern suburbs of Beirut and the outskirts of Tripoli is strongly discouraged.

VI. For futher information

Adresse web Description
http://www.gouvernement.gov.bf/spip.php The official website of the Embassy gives you political, economic, cultural, social and diplomatic information.
http://www.diplomatie.gouv.fr/fr/conseils-aux-voyageurs/conseils-par-pays/liban/ Tips to prepare well for the trip to Lebanon

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