Seen by the volunteers: Solidarity Workshops Retrospectives

More than a hundred young people from Strasbourg and the Greater East Region leave each year for a solidarity project in Asia, Africa or Latin America. Provide support to development projects (education, construction of schools and infrastructure, socio-pedagogical animation such as drawing, music, dance to underprivileged street children and / or refugees, etc.). local people, world cultures, exchange and share.

A unique and rewarding experience for these young people who for the most part were flying for the first time. A project that was built upstream by persevering young people in their self-financing, through training with AMSED and its experts. Then on the spot with the construction site, the cultural shocks, the ups and downs inherent to such an adventure. And finally, the return, the balance sheet, the nostalgia, the desire to return, and do even more things, feel useful both here and there.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, discover this film retracing the balance sheet and sometimes touching and touching retrospectives of these young people who share their experiences here.