AMSED and its European partners from Belgium (FAMIDO), Portugal (Factor Social) and Turkey (Anatolia) are currently conducting a study to identify the skills most needed and sought by companies and employers of migrants (newcomers) and refugees with a status that allows them to work. The aim is to create an e-learning MOOC platform consisting of 40 modules directly related to the key competences identified in the study and provided by migrants and refugees who have found work, employment counsellors and companies that have recruited migrants or refugees.

The project has the following objectives:

To equip integration professionals and educators of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers with adapted skills improving the quality of their work and facilitating the bridges between them and the business world.
To diagnose, design, pilot an online capacity building pathway (40 e-modules) as a learning and working framework for professionals, which will broaden their skills while promoting effective access of migrants and refugees to training, employment and empowerment.
To improve the quality of innovation and high quality education through the training of 100 e-tutors and the exchange of good practices aimed at the employability of migrants and refugees in open access.
To provide professionals involved in support and integration with an adapted methodology and effective working tools to support their target groups,
Encourage the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) to provide access to digital education and training tools for those facing educational, economic, cultural and social barriers.
To intensify the dissemination and exploitation of the results and use of new working methods and innovative education and training resources for disadvantaged educators and learners.
We are currently conducting an online survey on the occupational inclusion of migrants and refugees in the labour market, by pathway as an integration professional, companies and employers and refugees and migrants. The results of this questionnaire will help to identify the skills required and sought by companies and employers in their recruitment of migrants. These identified competences will be used to create an e-learning pathway of 40 modules via an e-learning platform of MOOC type, in the framework of the Erasmus+ Migrantech project.

Below is the link to answer the questionnaires:

Questionnaires for inclusion & employment professionals:
Questionnaires for companies employing migrants and/or refugees:
Questionnaires for refugees and migrants:

The data collected in the survey will be anonymous. We will not collect any personal data (name, phone number, etc.) that could identify you.