Mobility Turkey January 2018 : TC Rural Realities

From the 8th to the 15th January 2018, several youth workers coming from different NGOs of ten different countries met up in the Eastern Turkey, in Mus, to debate and work about the questions of inclusion and employability for young people living in these rural areas. AMSED has been representated by three youth workers.

This week, composed by formal moments like teamworks, workshops or debates, has been a great occasion as well to discover the city of Mus and its urban area.  Moreover, some visits were organised inside youth centers but also outside the city, giving the opportunity to these youthworkers to meet local people and to be aware of this field reality.

Indeed, these rural areas are different according to the regions/countries, and the whole team realised how is complicated to create new common policies so these areas are specific according to their locations.

Furthermore, informal moments have increased the group cohesion. These 30 participants were able to share their ideas, and discuss about future common projects and partnerships involving different organisations which participated at this project. For example, a second mobility could be organised next year in Portugal about the same topic, including experts and professionnals, to be able to have deeper reflexions : the Rural Realities 2.0 !