Youth and Diversity Meeting

RJD 2 AMSED organized the Meeting of Youth and Diversity from 14th to 21st of November in Strasbourg. During the week, we intervened in different neighborhoods of Strasbourg to present the actions of citizen engagement. A highlight was held on Saturday, November 21, with the following innovative activities and interactive methods: associative village, living library on the fight against hate speech online, round table on sharing economy and inclusion of young people, interactive workshop to raise awareness on fighting against hate speech online, lingRJD 1uistic workshop, counseling for project ideas, youth testimonies that participated in European and international mobility projects (international solidarity workcamps, youth exchanges, training courses, etc ..) and finally a festive evening around music and dances of the world and different forms of artistic expression of the young from different neighborhoods and minority (Rap / Hip Hop, Slam, Indian dances, Roma songs …).