Erasmus+ 2022 call for proposals

The call for proposals and the 2022 programme guide have been published. Discover

what’s new in the programme, the application timetable, but also

the agenda of webinars and question and answer sessions organised 

by the agency to help you apply.


Key Action 1 

  • To support the resumption of Erasmus+ mobility starting in 2021 after a year marked by Covid-19 in 2020, the program has a reinforced budget envelope, in particular for mobility activities organized for school students and adult education learners;
  • Mobility financed by the European Union’s External Action Instrument (formerly International Credit Mobility) will make a comeback in 2022 for incoming and outgoing mobility of higher education students and staff to and from third countries. Reminder: outgoing mobility to these countries is also financed since 2021 by the “classic” mobility action (up to 20% of the granted grant can be dedicated to it).

Key Action 2

  • Simplified partnership projects are available for the school education, vocational education and training, and adult education sectors. They are aimed in particular at new project leaders. The funding is a lump sum (€30,000 or €60,000). The envelopes dedicated to subsidies for these projects are protected: small projects therefore have as much or more chance of being subsidized than more ambitious projects;
  • Cooperative partnerships now benefit from flat-rate funding with three levels of €120,000, €250,000 or €400,000 depending on the total cost and the degree of complexity of the project.



The Programme Guide is the reference document for the Erasmus + call for proposals.

It contains the description of the activities supported by the programme, the corresponding funding

and how to participate. The 2022 edition is now available! 


The Erasmus + programme operates on the basis of an annual call for proposals published by the European Commission.

These calls define the framework and priorities for funding projects.

Key dates:

Application deadline – Mobility projects (KA1): February 23, 2022
Application deadline – Cooperative Partnerships (KA2): March 23, 2022
Application deadline – Accreditations: October 19, 2022



  The platform dedicated to applicants and

beneficiaries of Erasmus+ 2021-2027 projects.


The Erasmus+ France / Education Formation Agency accompanies you

to discover the new Erasmus+ programme with 

“Ready for Erasmus+! “a series of webinars and Q&As.