Anni’s volunteering in Strasbourg

The first time I got to know about AMSED in September 2014, when they were looking for participants for training course „Inclusive growth and employability of young people with fewer opportunities“. I decided to apply, I participated this training course and I’m very happy I had this opportunity. People from AMSED are very nice and friendly, also they are passionate about what they do. Seeing them working in international environment and how well they managed this project, got me an idea doing my internship at AMSED because I thought I have a lot to learn from them. During the training course I got an invitation to participate network meeting in November and I gladly accepted because it was a great opportunity for my quite young association to find partners and exchange ideas. This meeting was very motivating and then I knew I should do my volunteering at AMSED because they have a great network, an awesome international team who knows how to create and manage international projects related to important topics like employability, solidarity and young people with fewer opportunities. So I discussed with Djilali about the opportunity of doing my volunteering at AMSED and he agreed to host me. So I did all the paperwork and now I’m here in Strasbourg. I have been here a little bit more than one week. I was very glad that once I arrived here I had a meeting with Djilali and Saide to discuss my learning goals and what I would do during this time. My main objectives at AMSED is to learn how to organise international training courses from the scratch – from writing to implementing what was learned during the training; support to manage international network activities and what methods can be used for local work with young people with fewer opportunities. So when I finish my volunteering and go back to Estonia I can organise international trainings, develop my association’s network and organise diferent activities on a local level to engage young people with fewer opportunities to everyday life activities (worklife, learning etc). So far I’ve been working on network newsletter and feeding network’s e-platform with new events. Both activities are good for network communication so I have already learned some ideas how to manage my association’s network.

Anni Tetsmann