Training weekend before an international mobility

With the AMSED before starting on the construction site, a phase takes place:  by calling as   the training weekend ! 

In 2018, it took place on April 28th and 29th, with trainer Joëlle Gantelet, member of the International Civic Service. The latter presents itself, then we present the AMSED.
During this weekend the participants introduce themselves and get to know each other, they also get to know what a construction site is, why to make one, the different countries in which they can leave, how to get there, the costs … Games are made to get to know each other better, and to understand what a construction site is. Different workshops are organized by group of people: – Explore and think collectively about the concept of the ‘country of the south’, each group presents a useful theme to go to work: hospitality, inequality and poverty, a different culture, climate warmth, countries in the process of development, history of colonization. The presentation of the work can take the form of a drawing, a song, etc.
Then, people already on the job testify and show movies about their experiences, which puts more confidence in the new volunteers. Practical advice on health and safety is given by professionals, the administrative procedures are explained, whether for before / during / after the site. All this is happening  in joy , in good mood and you get the privilege of having free meal of course.
The second day of training other workshops take place:
–  staging for group cohesion in a construction site, we see how to behave in case of conflict
– debate on a film whose subject all the worksites
– the trainer gives safety tips
This Weekend allows to apprehend the site and prepare for it, but also to know the group with which you will leave.

2019 recruitments for construction sites are now open, just visit us at AMSED for maximum information on the sites and in order to register! The Training Weekend will be held for this session on April 27 and 28, 2019. We remind you that there are 7 different destinations: Peru, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Lebanon, Ivory Coast and Morocco.