Assets and Skills of an European Mobility

DISCOVER OTHER CULTURES Around social themes such as the fight against discrimination and prejudice, the promotion of diversity, human rights, the protection of the environment and the building of peace … IMPROVING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Europe is rich in all its languages. To leave is to enter immersion into a language and practice it through […]

What is European mobility

European trainings and seminars allow social workers, socio-cultural facilitators, students, youth leaders and voluntary to live a mobility experience, meet their European counterparts, create bridges between their local work and a European approach to the youth work world. They become multipliers of this enriching experience and bring to their practices new visions, a new energy. […]

2018: New year, new european mobilities!

AMSED is proud to offer you its new European mobilities for the year 2018! As far as Erasmus + European mobility is concerned, you now have the opportunity to go to Greece, London, Ukraine or Romania to take part in training courses on digital skills acquisition, as well as conflict risk education and training. how […]