“E-Learning for EVS” Project : Greece, France, Romania

How to acquire the key skills of an e-mentor ?

What is an e-mentor?

A new major project for AMSED and its European partners: a three-part training in Greece (March), France (June) and Romania (September). In which will be created online training sessions to develop the 8 key skills of young people, to become an e-mentor. Thus, the benefits and educational value of E-Learning will develop the skills of the young participants and maximize the results and impact of their activities. To help them prepare for professional life by developing their entrepreneurial attitudes. The aim of the project is that these e-mentors can subsequently help, guide and advise future European volunteers.

E-Learning, how to participate?

E-learning is an effective and sustainable medium of modern training, which creates an easy, accessible and interactive learning environment that allows actors of voluntary action to universalize, build, modify, create and share knowledge. In this context, we want to implement with our partners active in the voluntary service from 10 European countries, 4 complementary short-term mobility activities spread over a period of one year:

  1. A 10-day training course in Lefkas, Greece (17 to 28 March 2018): involving 3 participants from each partner organization directly involved in the European Voluntary Service (tutor, staff supervisor, ex-volunteer …), during which we will create online training sessions aimed at developing the 8 key competences of young European volunteers and preparing them for professional life.
  2. A 9-day training course in Strasbourg (21 to 30 June 20187): which will involve the same participants from the previous mobility. During this training, will be created evaluation tools for online training creates, as well as the design of skills validation tools acquired by the beneficiaries of online training sessions.
  3. A 6-day Training in Romania (September 2018): which will involve 2 participants from each partner among those who participated for the two previous trainings and this to enable them to acquire additional skills to become E-mentors in favor of young people European volunteers who benefit from online training sessions via our Moodle platform and to take an active and effective role in maintaining the proper functioning and development of this platform.

If you are interested to participate in this project and the three mobilities, in order to become e-mentor, do not hesitate to contact the following email: network@amsed.fr or call +339819178167

A long-term project

After the mobility activities, AMSED and its partners will maintain a close cooperation between the beneficiaries and the E-mentors to keep our platform running smoothly. But also, in order to expand the number of beneficiaries, monitor and evaluate the impact of online training. To draw up evaluations and recommendations periodically in order to adjust and update the contents and methods of the E-formations.