Youth Visioning: Become citizen changemakers!

The Youth Visioning project aims to encourage change in the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg through a new form of citizen participation in public life. We have put online a participative platform in order to list the initiatives, projects, of young people in Strasbourg:

Discover the proposed initiatives: from environmental awareness to children to the fight against racism and harassment, young people in Strasbourg have strong civic commitments and it’s up to you to encourage them to put their ideas into practice by going to the platform to discover the projects, comment on the initiatives, propose improvements and vote for your favourite project!

Depending on the comments, votes and needs of the young project leaders, the elected representatives of the city of Strasbourg will be able to meet some of the young people committed to supporting their initiatives.

Comment on the proposed projects, propose improvements, give advice or simply encourage project leaders to create a dialogue between young people and citizens in order to build projects that reflect the image of all and promote the ideas of committed young people who propose new, creative and innovative actions!