You from Europe: The Covid 19 crisis through the eyes of European youth

Since 2017, the project You From Europe, produced a 52-minute documentary and a web-documentary, shedding light on what young EU citizens (18-35 years old) think about the EU and how they see its future.  Two women from Brittany, a journalist and a saleswoman, carried the project to 23 EU countries and we interviewed more than 300 European citizens. The documentary was shown last year in more than 80 European cities and in various places (cinemas, universities, prisons, French Institutes, cafés …).

During this difficult period that we are going through, in Europe and in the world, they decided to embark on a new adventure, and produce a new series of reports: The Covid crisis19 through the eyes of European youth.

The current situation is not perceived in the same way in Spain, Sweden, Germany or Bulgaria. The policies are different as much as the restrictions. The EU is under great strain. So, unable to physically make a second tour of Europe, they make it by video call. They got in touch with all the young people in  the documentary so that they could inform them about the situation in their countries and share their expectations of the EU after the crisis.  The project was expanded and many European citizens responded to the call. All these testimonies will allow us to make 28 videos, one video per country.

After France


Czech Republic 

And Germany

Discover the new report on Italy


From north to south, listen to the testimonies of these four young Italians. You will discover, country by country, report by report, the situation in all European states as seen through the eyes of his youth.