Tutoring of German Language for youngsters of Roma-people and After-school support at Cronenbourg

Tutoring of German for youngsters of Roma-peoplesoutien-allemand-24_11_2016-4

For some time, the Erasmus+ trainee Marie from AMSED is offering tutoring of German Language to youngsters of the migrant group of Roma-people in the camp “Espace 16”. This project was developed along with our partner “Horizon Amitié” organization that is doing social work on the spot.

The participants, aged between 12 and 15, are already learning German in school.  The Tutoring was established in order to help youngsters with the difficulties of learning this language. The aim is to cultivate the desire to learn and speak German in a playful and effective way.

After-school support at Cronenbourg

Since the beginning of the school year 2016-2017, Erasmus+ trainee and members of AMSED have joined the team of facilitators for the after-school support at the Socio-Cultural Center of Cronenbourg “Aquarium”.

The children and teenagers of the priority neighbourhood have the opportunity to come every day to the Center to do their homework in an assisted frame with the help and advice of the animators.

The after-school assistance does not only bring knowledge and fun to the children. It is also enriching for the facilitators to help children learn, thus discovering new things about themselves. It is a lively exchange in both directions!cronenbourg-21_11_2016-3