2018’Perspective : Network meeting


This third network meeting was held in accordance with the needs of partners, carry out studies within the European context and propose planned courses for the future, and give potential direction to the work of the network. The meeting took place in Strasbourg in november at AMSED  in order to plan our action plan for 2018-2021. 

Discussion between europeans partners

Back on our actions

The network was created in 2009 with the goal of integrating young people with fewer opportunities into society. With the present closing of our 3-year action plan, the main actions have been ratified on the agenda, especially concerning the definition of evaluation criteria and a strategy for the dissemination of results for making the most of the local European level while growing the impact that the network has on other young people and actors beyond the network with:

            -The creation of a good practices Manuel for the success of projects

            -The creation of a reference document for excommunication tools and diffusion of the results

The activities that the AMSED network is in charge of are very innovated and it is up to the network to assure the promotion of research in these fields. The network carries out this mission thanks to the collection of every good practice done by every partner and innovative tools used in their projects that allow the support the dissemination of results and the best amendments to projects. Many young participants must take part in AMSED’s projects and AMSED must work together with our partners and participants in order to for our projects to succeed.

Planning ahead for the next three years, the network meeting started with an inventory of our shared action plan, which led to a presentation of a series of projects and courses of action to consider in view of promoting the development of our network. Discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the network, all partners are working to ensure that communication will be improved, and with a new Facebook group (AMSED NETWORK), it will be easier to stay in contact and be up to date with the projects of every partner and allow an easier platform to communicate. Thanks to an exchange of experiences and advise of our partners, we were able to continue to work on our good practice handbook and brainstorm potential projects for the course of the next three years, in relation to the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the EU parliament elections, and the impact of media and communication among the youth. For our meeting that will take place in 2018, we are looking forward to start planning these meetings, and continue working on future projects as a network.

Reflexion on the futur projects

The future of our network: 2018-2021 Perspectives

Looking forward to the next three years of our network, we are looking to continue to develop new projects as both individual organizations and as a network. Based on upcoming European events, AMSED is looking to create projects that work with these European events and goals in order for both to be successful.

Information campaigns, advising, and working with European Partners

When it comes to the first objective, AMSED wants to work with partners to make more people aware of and promote the ERASMUS + program, whether it be through different activities or films, photo exhibitions, debates, quizzes, or films about the Erasmus + program. In Estonia, there are information events at local youth centers where tccche organization has the chance to meet with youngsters and talk about what the organization has created while promoting the Erasmus + program and how to be a European citizen. Many partner countries also have a « European Youth Week » or youth festival and this could be a good place to promote the activities of the Erasmus + program as well.

 Valorization of acquired knowledge and the diffusion of results

When it comes to the second objective, the network needs to work to uniting all of its partners and distributing the success of their projects to the public. The Facebook group would unite all the partners and the e-platform can be developed as well (add a video library online). Also, it may work out well to involve partners in more transnational actions, not just those that take place in Europe. There could be training courses/workshops for all the partners of the network that take place in a partner country and it could be easier to write project and work together like this.

Accompagnement and Supporting young people and their organizations in the management of their projects as well as the development and recognition of their experience

With the third objective, it would want to involve more than 30 youth people to film/write success stories. It is important to value these success stories because it reminds people what the network did, what we did together, and how the network can work for their partners and participants on the topic of Europe, with the goal being to inspire youth to start in the Erasmus + program.