Network Meeting, Strasbourg, November 2015

The last network meeting of 2015 was held in Strasbourg from 19 to 22 November in the presence of the representatives of member associations from Portugal (Dinamo), United Kingdom (Asha Centre), Croatia (Intercultura), Lithuania (Generations of Europe), Turkey (EGE Youth), Romania (GEYC) and Sweden (Train of Future). A small evaluation was done on common activities of the network, such as webinars and the newsletter.

We worked on the project idea “Youth Civic Engagement.” It was decided to submit a project as “Contact making event” in partnership with 14-15 countries. The main focus of the project is to share good practices on civic engagement of young people in the partner countries. The Lithuanian partner will submit it on the deadline of February 2016.

On 21st of November, we worked on dissemination activities in partner countries. The partners (Croatia, UK, Turkey, Portugal, Romania) were interested to organize café of mobility. We will also share with all members the success stories (through e-platform) so that they can diffuse among their network. They were also interested to organize a webinar on the organization of a digital battle. During the afternoon, they attended the Meeting of Youth and Diversity and discovered the living library, interactive workshop on the fight against hate speech and youth testimonies on different international mobility projects.