Network Meeting, Izmir-Turkey, October 2015

A statutory meeting  was organized in Izmir – Turkey from 8th to 11th of October, 2015. This meeting was hosted by our Turkish partner Trex-EVS and partners from Serbia, Cyprus, Belgium and Bulgaria attended.

The first day was dedicated to have a meeting at Ege University of İzmir with support of Ege Youth Group, in order to disseminate the results of previous projects and to plan future projects. At the same day as project organizers and trainers, participants shared their experiences  with the students during their classes.

The second day was dedicated to make an event called ‘ Youth and Volunteering Meeting’ in order to bring together the partner organizations and  local volunteers. During the event, activities such as living library, project presentations and short seminars was realized. Especially the living library got a lot of attention from local youth and they had chance to ask their questions about volunteering and international projects directly to someone who is experienced on the topic. Then they had also chance to attend the project presentations during which they could see the examples of international projects. Youngsters from Izmir also participated in a workshop entitled “finding a job abroad” during which they discussed with a professional from Job Service on job opportunities abroad and how to highlight the competences acquired through mobility projects.