Multiplier Event IEUME

The second multiplier event took place online targeting migrants and refugees, social work services local communities representatives, academics,. The IEUME project aimed to create a free online platform covering various topics (employability, access to rights in the EU, principles of democracy and civic engagement, the EU governance system and institutions, European culture and heritage) to facilitate the socio-professional integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.  This online event aims to disseminate the IEUME project, so that the results of this project can be presented and used by refugees and migrants beneficiaries. This second event reach together 17 participants and 2 AMSED representatives.

The program of this first multiplier event was :

  • Introduction
  • Round table – presentation of the participants
  • Presentation of the platform and the different pedagogical tools
  • Training in their use, practical application on the platform
  • Question and answer session, each participant takes the floor to evaluate the presentation
  • Thanks, end of the session

Presentation of the IEUME project and its platform to AMSED’s refugee and newcomer beneficiaries.

Project objective:

  • To contribute to a better integration of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers through the creation of an easily accessible online toolbox.
  • This e-training will allow the beneficiaries to have a certificate that they will be able to use in their socio-professional integration. The knowledge acquired will help people in their various integration processes.
  • Each module has its specific objectives.

The IEUME platform:

  • This platform includes several themes, each theme includes knowledge to be acquired, a contextualization and a practical application in the form of a game (quiz).
  • The different themes are: employability, access to rights in the EU, democratic principles and civic engagement, the system of governance and the institutions of the European Union, European culture and heritage.
  • Different languages are offered to use the platform: English, French, Maltese, Greek, German and Portuguese.
  • The platform can be used on the computer ( or on mobile application (IEUME – Migrant Empowerment)

Practical example:

  • Introduction – Online Quiz “ challenge”.
  • On the platform, the theme “Governance system and institutions of the European Union” – Basic level.