ESN Minho: Mobility Week


ESN Minho organizes Mobility Week:

In the month of march, the academic community at the University of Minho had the chance to get in contact with various mobility opportunities at grasp.
Over a whole week, ESN Minho promoted events with a view to sharing experiences and stimulate students interest on international mobility.
The schedule was as follows:
Monday 22- A trip over Europe: With the participation of over 15 ESN Sections throughout Europe, the event consisted in a presentation of each section’s city and good practices.
Tuesday 23- The importance of international mobility: A talk with guests of municipal importance with regards to international mobility.
Wednesday 24- Erasmus+: A programme of Infinite opportunities: A sharing session with a view to presenting and promoting the vast array of opportunities for the youth.
Thursday 25- Erasmus talks: An informal session with the participation of 4 Erasmus students of Minho (2 of them outgoing and 2 of them incoming).
Friday 26- I am going on Erasmus… What now?: A small presentation of Erasmus studies, followed by a Q&A with Erasmus Coordinator Professors.
Going over the feedback of everyone involved, it was a brilliant opportunity even for those who had had greater contact with the Erasmus and Erasmus+ programmes.